Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Style inspiration: Tavi. Pleaded skirt.

Me and my shoes and my vintage pleaded skirt. 

I got this polka dots pleaded skirt from a second-hand shop with a very cheap price for quite some time.
Although I've captured this photo long ago before Tavi recent post here, I realised that there're something similar. I don't know what is the similarity, maybe the pleaded skirt, maybe the angle of the photo, maybe the sunlight, maybe the balcony and the wooden floor; I'm not sure.

Or, maybe, there's no similarity. Just my imagination.
I will still say I'm inspired by Tavi! Indeed, I am!

Anyway, I love her new vintage white dress, and the price tag is even attractive. She got it with just $6!
One more, please~

Isn't it cute? 

[Photos: Nicole's closet and Style Rookie]