Thursday, 21 February 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff AW13

I am so forever in love with Meadham Kirchhoff! 


The childhood dreams... - haoshi Design

I saw this lovely merry-go-round clock at MOD Design Store at Macau few days ago (could you believe that? It's actually a clock! I thought it was a music box, but a clock! That's so cool! ) Anyway, fall in love with the luxurious all-white design. It says the characters (father, mother and kid) represent the different clock pointers. This whole idea is so romantic. Don't you think so? 

Oh, I forget to mention, it's the product of a brand - houshi Design Studio - from Taiwan. 

They also have balloon lights (literally it is a balloon and a light, a balloon-shaped light) and other fashion accessories, such as rings and necklaces (the above horses are one of their necklace pendants design). They are so cute and also nostalgic. Remind me of the childhood dreams.

Click on their web page here to check out where to find their products! 

[sources: haoshi Facebook, haoshi Blog]

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Comme des Garcons White Drama inspired.

I fall in love with this skirt the time I first saw it at H&M. Love the huge exaggerate puffiness shape of it, and the minimalism at the same time. Matching it with the Zara white top, immediately reminded me of the Comme des Garcons White Drama series (without the dramatic headpiece tho').

The Comme Des Garcons inspiring pieces: 
(Alright, I know there is big difference between my 'white drama' with the original sets. Sorry about the obsession, I fall in love with this series the first time I saw it online, until now.)

Soup of the Day: Comme des Garcons White Drama Inspired. 
Top: Zara | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Monki

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Pinky braid for sunny day.

The weather is getting warmer these days, spring is here I guess. So I braid my hair to add a bit mood of spring to my light casual lilac knitwear for the lazy Sunday. 

Nothing much. Casual, simple, comfy, touch of colours says the spring breath. 

And I love this starry rubber band I got from a very random shop selling kids accessories. It's so cute so childish and makes me feel so happy. 

Soup of the Day: Pinky braid for sunny day. 

Knitwear: TaoBao | Skirt: Cotton On