Sunday, 25 March 2012

Wedding in progress: colour theme.

Decided the theme of my wedding would be: White x Champagne x Gold.

Everything seems processing smoothly.
Above fabrics shown would be part of my gowns.

The tailor told me that she could only make the top for my fitting in the mid-April

Hopefully everything will be fine.
If the tailor failed to make it (which I hope not), I will have to settle myself to those typical gowns we could found in the bridal shops :( I definitely hope it won't happen.

The good news is, one of my friend who studied fashion design volunteer to design my headpiece
Yay! Just can't wait.

More to come...

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wedding - in progress.

Continue my clothes-hunting :)

Preparing on my wedding. 
To do list: 
1.Decide the theme of the wedding;
2.Find make-up artist;
3.Design the invitation card;
4.Simple classy wedding gowns are needed!
And more... 
(As you know, the list would be incredibly long.urgh.) 

So yea, I really need a plain wedding gown. 
Unfortunately, it is not an easy task. 
The wedding gowns outside normally we saw are full of beads and with complicated designs! 
Whilst those with nice and high-fashion designs are with a price tag that I couldn't afford. 
So what could I do? 
Of course a DIY! 
On one hand, I could materialise my fashion-designer-wanna-be-dream; 
on the other hand, I could get my ideal dress (if it works, hopefully *eyes-rolling*)

Anyway, so I went to do clothes-hunting! 
Hopefully could find nice clothes and find a good tailor to complete the wedding gown in my mind. 

*Finger crossed*