Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My first ever collection - Candyland.

So, this is my final sketch of my collection for my grad show. This is what I've been busying on these months. 

I titled it 'Candyland'. It's sweet like princess and fairy tale but also dull like the reality. If the life is hard and dark, then discover the bittersweet of it. There must be something. 

We had good show last weekend. I'm blessed that I won the gold award for the small competition held by my school. I am honored that people love this. Anyway, there will be rematch and final on coming weekend. I don't hope for anything but do hope that things go smoothly and no mistake made. That's all. Thank you God for everything, for my parents loving me, for my man be there with me, for my friends supporting me, for my inspiration, for everything. 

Well, pictures of the show will be posted after I settle with the coming show. 

[Sketch by me.]

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I'm in the flowery pond.

Another flower crown I did for my friend's pre-wedding shooting. 
I have been staying in the secret garden lately and bathing in the tub with lots and lots of flowers, quite literally, no? Firstly, I had just finished the crowns for friends' wedding (though I heard a bad news that one of the crown was broken by the makeup artist during the bridal makeover. Anyway.) and also just done with the headpieces for the coming grad show (not flower crowns this time, will show picture later after the show). I am also quite easily attracted by flowers lately, they make me feel happy. 

So I guess this post is just some random sharing about flowers I am dealing with lately and flowers I saw when I wondering around on streets, which inspired me at some point. 

Could anyone please tell me the name of this cute creature? 

I find this is an interesting culture here using cabbage in flower basket.

Did a simple Mother's Day image with the pictures I got from Pinterest and also with the help of  PS. 

This is a cute DIY idea from

Off to bed. Gotta continue my work tomorrow. Grad show on coming Saturday! Streeeeeeesssed! 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Lesia Paramonova waken up my inner child again.

Anyone who is following and reading my blog knows that I am obsessed with Lesia Paramonova. Everytime I look at the collections, old or new, I feel that I'm at the dreamland, everything seems possible. It makes me feel so happy like a kid. So here is the new collection of Lesia Paramonova, I wish I could wear one of them and walk into the strange woods and odd botanic gardens where could let the freaks be freaky and let the inner child lost in dream.

[Picture: Lesia Paramonova, Style Bubble, Miss Moss]