Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Inner Child.

Purple sparkling nails with DIY kiddish necklace as headband x simple DIY LBD. 

It's time for a quick sum up again cause I think I have abandoned this blog for too long. I really need to keep myself a habit to blog. Anyway, I didn't have too many outfits to post lately, as I just finished my exams and coming up with two design deadlines. Busy! But, well, c'est la vie! Isn't it? 

Something to mention is, Topshop is finally opened in Hong Kong! I was so excited to go to the opening, but at last I didn't because they started to queue 3 and more hours before the opening! So, I went there few days later and it was still crowded! Long queue outside the fitting room, I was lazy to try on any clothings. Hence I got this nails package which doesn't need fitting! I am always a big fan of Topshop Nails! I always ask my friend to bring me this when they visit Hong Kong from Malaysia/UK. 

Beautiful colours and glitters, aren't they? I am addicted to glitters lately, it makes me feel so fairy-ish and wakes up my inner child immediately, well, my inner child is pretty strong and tough who lives happily inside me (sometimes, she ran away when things gone slightly wrong, but yea she is a tough girl who comes back after cries). Talking about this, I thought of a quote "Creative adult is a child who survives" (something like that... hmm.. I forgot where I got this from).

I am really into fairy-tale and dreamy stuffs. So for the coming design submission which we need to create a garment with recycle theme, I have this sketched. 

My design sketch, I titled it Waking Dream

I will create this look with used stuffs. Hope my new baby could be born smoothly tho.
At first I was quite worried about the boring look of the dress, honestly, I do not know how to create dramatic stage costume for a show because I can't imagine someone would like to wear it when I myself wouldn't want to. Yes, I love haute couture and I definitely love Mcqueen and CDG and other great designers who do beautiful dramatic show pieces. At the same time, I love some famous designers with more wearable collections like Lanvin and Jil Sander and others. So, when it comes to fashion show, I would really do something in between, trying to strike a balance. To be honest, I am just a beginner in fashion and do not know how to make those fine crafts, so I never could imagine me doing fine made couture. Yea, I just want to say I have been struggled alots from this point, and thankfully I have my man and some of my good friends who understand me and support me. One of my friend told me that I do not need to be creative as long as there is my personality in the design. This really means a lot to me. So I just gotta keep reminding myself to be sincere and be myself. Never try to be somebody else because you could never be exactly like that same person. 

Alright, cut the craps. 
Before ending this post, I would love to share this cute fairy-like inspiration from Lacy Barry, I first got addicted by the light bulbs headpiece when I was wondering in Pinterest, because my man and I were exactly having this same idea a month ago for the look with recycle theme as mentioned above. Anyway, I just felt excited to see the idea is actually doable. 

[My pictures, Lacy Barry]

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Candyland Collection - the real pieces.

Finally, here is the pieces for my grad-show collection. Well, I am aware of that it looks kinda rough (exactly like a student's work), not professional enough, and also look a little bit boring (when I look back at these photos, I do feel boring. I guess we all are growing and improving each day, hence we'd see the flaws in our previous works).