Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff Men's SS13

To be frank, I just can't get over this Menswear SS13 by Meadham Kirchhoff, even though it is like about a month ago!!

I really like the designers' way to express this collection. 
The whole pictures look graceful, even with the 'messiness' that was purposely created. Everything was just so harmoniously connected. 
Love the flowery, love the colours, love the mood, love how messy the places were.. love everything.

Also love the effort of the hairstylist, James Pecis, for this SS13; I agree with him that it is not easy to let go all the learnt knowledge in order to create this messy patchy hair styles, as his intention is to create the feeling that the boys did the hair by themselves in the morning at 4am after the night out. 

Well, good job Meadham Kirchhoff! 
So boys, you could actually go for flowery you know? 
Enjoy summer! 

[Sources: Youtube and Dazed Digital]

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Vivienne Westwood Menswear SS13 x picnic with flowery headband

That's what I'm talking about, floral crown/floral headband is back, even in the world of men! Look at all the cute guys smiling and laughing with the feminine touch of the flowers on their head during Vivienne Westwood Menswear SS13.

Also, in love with the insects jewelry, that really goes with the picnic theme that the designer intended to have. Vivienne Westwood may not have the best designs in world but she always be able to present a very good show! 

So, I won't stop doing myself floral crowns :) Summer is not over yet! 

[source: Dazed Digital]

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


A dream is a wish your heart makes...
And finally my wish comes true! I finally got this Cinderella after uhm.. like more than 10 lucky eggies I had paid for, I finally got this one!

Anyway, I did another flower headband which is a smaller more wearable more 'ready-to-wear-ish' and less 'haute couture-ish' 

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mila Kunis's vintage 50s look for Dior.

Mila Kunis's new Dior Campaign looks fabulously beautiful! 

Definitely love her vintage 50s glamorous look! The retro photo is shot by Mario Sorrenti.
I personally love this new campaign than the very first campaign by Mila Kunis for Dior. This retro look is just so suitable for Mila, she looks stunning with this elegant glam' look! 


Flower Crown never out for Summer! [DIY + Tavi's tutorial]

Everyone love Tavi so much, so do I ! 
I am really inspired by her styles, always. 
Talking about Tavi, we would easily think of her remarkable style with different headpieces and her DIY floral crowns. 

Not only Tavi, Lana Del Rey has her flower headband too: 

So I did my own very first flower crown!

Bouquet before the crown-making. 

Oh, hi it's me :) 
Actually the process of making the floral crown is easy, basically it's all about cutting and gluing. 
Since I found this Tavi's tutorial about the crowns, so here I share her video : 

Well, it's fun! And enjoy the DIY. 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY bracelets tutorial and inspirations.

Alright, as mentioned in my previous blog (here), I am lately addicted to making myself bracelets with beads. I am actually inspired by this blogger, Aimee, from Song of Style to put many and different strings and bracelets on wrists, which I found that really looks cool and those would add some colours and style to a simple dress you wear.

Here are some photos of Aimee's bracelets that inspired me:

As we know, neon is really hit in summer. I also found that many people are havung neon/rainbow strings on wrists when I surfing around Instagram. We also could easily found neon/rainbow accessories when we shopping around, such as H&M is selling neon accessories for this summer, and even in COS they have the colourful pastel/neon stuffs!

I even found that Tommy Ton has captured some bracelets with cute beads in his blog, Jak and Jil, and also in Style.com so that means you can go high-fashion even with colourful plastic beads.

Cute stars and hearts shape beads!

I am not sure if I am affected by the blogs, I am so into rainbow/neon colours and so I wanted to make myself one of the friendship rainbow bracelets with gold beads like this:

I confess that I was stupid for not knowing how to make a simple friendship bracelet with square knots and hence I went to Youtube and search for it, and I discovered that it is surprisingly easy to make one:

So I made mine!

Well, I find that it’s pretty to mix and match the plastic cute beads bracelets (as shown below which were DIY by me as well) with the cool gold beads bracelet together. They have some sort of harmonious contradiction which happens to look good I think. 

Will try other DIYs later :) 
Enjoy neon summer!

[sources: here , here and there, Youtube and my bracelets]

Saturday, 7 July 2012

DIY bracelets.

I am addicted to DIYs lately. I have been having experiments with different kinds of ingredients to make myself some accessories and also started to make some for my friends since last week :D   

Colours for summer. 
It's so fun to see all the small stuffs gather together and become another whole new complete thingy. 
It is really easy! I guess I don't need to post a tutorial here right? Anyway, let's play around the beads this summer! And, neon is in this summer! :)

More to come. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bow-hairstyle tutorial x Saint Martins BA Fashion 2012

Alright, I'm so addicted to the bow-hairstyle that I mentioned in earlier post [refer to here] that they did in Saint Martins BA Fashion 2012

So I Youtube searched the tutorial: 

It's surprisingly easy! I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to do it. 
It looks so stunning and just like an accessory!

Anyway, since I was talking about the Saint Martins BA Fashion Show 2012, here are some of the pictures:

Serena Gili

Ting Kelly Yan

Lucas Leclere
The white dress reminds me of the recent Louis Vuitton's collection tho.

C.J. Yao

Drew Henry

[Sources: here, herethere and youtube]

Willow Smith - I Am Me

Seriously, this song comes in a right timing. 
Thank God. 
I am blessed that I'm real and I am me. 

And I gonna dedicate this song to all of us who dream and be real

i’m meee, i’m mee, and that’s all i can be
i’m meee, i’m eee, it’s my one ability
i’m free
and you can’t stop meee,
i’m free, and that’s all i can be

days pass, i’m tryna find who i really am
i’ve been looking
people don’t like the way i dress
so it won’t matter, i’ve been looking
i’ve done my hair and it’s not just that easy
i’ve been looking
your validation it’s not just that important to me

i’m meee, i’m mee, and that’s all i can be
i’m meee, i’m eee, it’s my one ability
i’m free
and you can’t stop meee,
i’m free, i’m meee, and that’s all i can be

night falls and i find it here i am in peace
i’ve been looking
making friends with spirits lost
and it sets me free, i’ve been looking
express myself cause it’s my liberty
i’ve been looking
your validation it’s not just that important to me

i’m meee, i’m mee, and that’s all i can be
i’m meee, i’m eee, it’s my one ability
i’m free
and you can’t stop meee,
i’m meee, i’m free, and that’s all i can be

i am me, i am me, i am me
i am free, i am free, i am free
i am me, i am me, i am me
i am free, i am free, 

create yourself, redo yourself
renew yourself
be you, do what you do,
hold your head up high, everything’s gonna alright
you’re you, i’m me, let’s livei n harmony
coexist with each other, love each other
be yourself
you have to be yourself, be real, be honest
cause ain’t nobody got time for that
they really don’t, so listen to me
listen to this song, because this is real facts
that will help you move along, yeah
that’s all i wanted to say, so i love you guys so much
hope you like the song and you know, yolo, misfits, argh haha.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Bow hairstyle is back or not?

I was surfing around the Dazed and Confused Digital and wondering around the articles. 
Saw this Central Saint Martins BA fashion show 2012, nothing really catch my eyes except one of the hair-do: 

I bet the designer was inspired by Alexander McQueen; but who doesn't right? 
Despite the dresses, I actually love the bow-hair with the make-up, love how the pinkish red laid on the hairline

The bow hair isn't a new issue since Lady Gaga did it for like many times, also not to forget our respectable McQueen show.

Just that the Saint Martin's show refresh the bow-hairstyle by adding colours on the hairline. 
I also randomly think of this Chinese film - "The Enchanting Shadow" where the lead character is having this signature look with a bow-hair as well:

And I think she looks stunning and fashionable as well. Lol

Well, cut the craps. 
There is a website actually teaching how to do this bow-hairstyle, but I never try it before; you could try it though if you're interested in it [please click here]

Off to shopping! Woohoo!

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ursus Wehrli : The Art of Clean Up

I was surfing around Facebook and saw the sharing about this Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli who released his book titled The Art of Clean Up. This is pretty interesting that the artist rearranged the disorder scenes which could occur in normal daily life. 

Ok, this post is not about fashion. But I just really want to share this crazy funny thing and I personally think they do look beautiful. Love the colours. Life should be inspired. 

My mind does appear the term 'OCD' when I first saw these pictures. I think it's pretty obvious that some of the pieces are rearranged by photoshop or other softwares, whilst for some the artist really did arrange them manually. 

I, myself, love the food pictures, both the alphabets and the fruits. 
Anyway, I won't want a tidy sky with stars in such clean order. It gives me the message that messy is beautiful sometimes, although most of the times I love consistency on stuffs. But not all, sometimes I do agree beautiful imperfection in fashion. And also, natural is really the best sometimes. 


I love this crazy idea anyway! AND, I admire the persistence! 

Oh and you could actually click on his website to participate and play with the tidying-up-kind-of-game too! 
Fun :D

Ok, time to bed.