Friday, 28 September 2012

DIY star 'tattoo'.

It has been quite sometime since my last post. I have been dealing with some crisis lately, my house was flooded because of the broken pipe in the early morning when we were all still wondering in our dream, literally. And, I lost my phone! I think I have dropped it accidentally and yea, expectedly, someone took it, and it's gone now. Seriously, that really annoys me. I never backup the photos and contacts in my phone, so they're together gone with the phone, which I feel really sad about. Luckily, there are some photos I have posted to my Facebook, at least I still gotta keep some of them. I am still upset about it tho' 

The above photo was the last self-portrait of me taken by my phone before it's lost. 
That was also the day that I had my first attempt to draw myself a DIY star 'tattoo' on the face. My hand was shaking crazily during the drawing. I did it with eyeliner and I think it's quite fun actually. I actually have got this inspiration from different places, and one of the most obvious is from the Chanel Resort 2013 show where they stick the Chanel logo sticker at the corner of the eye. 

Now we don't need a permanent tattoo and still be able to enjoy the cool-ness!  

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Meadham Kirchhoff Womenswear SS13

I always love Meadham Kirchhoff's collections. Love their creativity and their courage to be 'ugly' and to be 'anti-fashion-ish'. Undoubtedly, Meadham Kirchhoff Womenswear SS13 does not disappoint us!! Love the luxurious mood of the 18th century French fashion, the ribbons all over, the jewelry, and the colours! EVERYTHING, basically. 

[Pictures: Here, here and there.]

Free my mind.

Sometimes, I really just need some rest. 
Let go everything in the mind. Let go the smile.

Sometimes it's tired to be nice especially to those who tend to take everything for granted.
I love to be nice, to nice and sincere people. 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cool Barbie: Louise Gray Womenswear SS13

What would you do if Barbie gave you a chance to style her and design her some clothing? 

Louise Gray, the London designer, has got this dream of every girls to design clothing for Barbie! 
She created 3 looks that inspired by Barbie in her SS13 show, which the show is sponsored by Mattel company, where Barbie is born! Accordingly, there will be a Barbie collection wearing Louise Gray's work! How cool! 

Here goes the Louise Gray SS13 collection: 

Definitely love the crown eyebrows! 

Louise Gray used the Barbie classic logo in black and white as pattern printed all over the fabrics of her designed clothing, which is cool I think. I love these punk 'Barbie dolls'. 
I didn't like Barbie too much when I was young, but I began to love Barbie when I started to love fashion, as I'm so much inspired by Barbie's attitude in fashion, that she is not afraid to dress up and to try anything new! As said by Louise Gray too in the interview with DazedDigital. 

So, let's dressing up and have fun like Barbie! 

[Pictures: here and there.]

Monday, 17 September 2012

[Outfit] Birthday Princess

Finally I am done editing my photos for my birthday celebration in Disneyland a week ago. 
(Yes, so now I am officially a year older than last year!) 
This post will be a little bit long, not only showing my outfit but also showing the beauty of Disneyland. 

I had prepared a Disney princess flower crown for the birthday celebration about half a month ago (I'm seriously obsessed about dressing up). I was addicted to collect this series of Disney princess which I got them from the 'capsule toy' machine, where you have to put the coins and try your luck to get the toy you like (it is something like a lucky draw, and the toys are inside the egg-shaped capsules). Anyway, I have tried really hard and spent quite lots of money to finally get the Cinderella I want! Of course, I have doubled most of the other princess, and these are the inspiration for my birthday crown!

My birthday badge! 

Close up of my crown.
I bought this vintage dress for months ago but I decided to keep it until my birthday, as I think it feels quite Disney-ish, like the maid in Disney cartoons? (Oh, and I have already decided to go to Disneyland months before my birthday and I have also got the permission from my man after some begging. Birthday girl always get what she wants right? *wink)

I chose the small pinky children bag to be matchy with the colour of my crown (that's a bag for children if I'm not mistaken, but I love the colour and the price is insanely cheap, again). Anyway, I added the beads and lace on the stripe so that the bag won't be looking too boring. 

I really love Disneyland, I think most of the girls do! I can let myself dream freely in Disney, I could totally let go and act like a child in Disneyland! I could jumping here and there in Disneyland like a stupid kid and also letting the innocent side of me wondering around! 

And I definitely love everything, all the decos and lighting, just everything in there! They looks very vintage! 
Also, I realised that I am really into the light bulbs. There are so many light bulbs and I am in love with them! The light bulbs make me feel like I'm back to the 50s 60s Hollywood scenes. 

Before I end this post, let me share my collection of the Disney princess.


I guess I better stop here before I'm going too far. 

Soup of the day: Birthday Princess. 

Dress: Vintage
Bag: Random
Princess Crown: DIY by me. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Blogs Introduction in Tha.Darlinh

Cute idea that this blogger has in her page, here, where she will introduce and feature some good blogs in her 'love links', it's like a kind of project she does once in a while. 

Check her blog out and get more inspiration in fashion! 

[Outfit] Bon appetit!

Food is as important as fashion for me and hence it is really hard for me to go on a diet. 

Last night, the routine was, shopping and then ... eating and eating and eating! 
This is actually quite a normal routine of my life *grin*

i-D mood again. 

I have been really tired lately, with the homework, classes and the wedding stuffs; so these days I tend to dress down and to be relaxed with the casual wears. Again, I tied a scarf on my head to continuously feel hippy-ish, I bought the flowery scarf at the same place as the grayish scarf I wore the other day (as shown here). 

Talking about classes, I just finished the last French class for level one; So, I am heading to level 2 in Oct. And, yay! I could have some rest for the coming Sundays until the next term. 

I am feeling sleepy right now, so here I stopped. Gotta grab a nap. 
Finally a short post of mine. 

Soup of the day: Bon appetit! 

Dress: Topshop
Scarf: Random

Friday, 14 September 2012

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

This post isn't about fashion and style. 
I was arranging my photos for the next post just now, but I started to draw randomly and totally forgot about the photos; 

The rough children style drawing I did in the middle of photoshop-ing.
I actually love the glasses. Available at 

When I finished drawing and started to think about what to do next, only I realised I was in the middle of photoshop-ing an hour ago. 

Suddenly the words of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) came into my mind. 
So, as a geek, I wiki it for its symptoms. 

Examples of observed symptoms:

Life Period (Children)
- Failing to pay close attention to details or making careless mistakes when doing school-work or other activities  
- Trouble keeping attention focused during play or tasks
- Appearing not to listen when spoken to (often being accused of "daydreaming")
- Failing to follow instructions or finish tasks
- Avoiding tasks that require a high amount of mental effort and organization, such as school projects
- Frequently losing items required to facilitate tasks or activities, such as school supplies
- Excessive distractibility
- Forgetfulness
- Procrastination, inability to begin an activity

Life Period (Adults)
- Often making careless mistakes when having to work on uninteresting or difficult projects
- Often having difficulty keeping attention during work, or holding down a job for a significant amount of time
- Often having difficulty concentrating on conversations
- Having trouble finishing projects that have already been started Often having difficulty organizing for the completion of tasks
- Avoiding or delaying in starting projects that require a lot of thought
- Often misplacing or having difficulty finding things at home or at work
- Disorganized personal items (sometimes old and useless to the individual) causing excessive "clutter" (in the home, car, etc.)
- Often distracted by activity or noise
- Often having problems remembering appointments or obligations, or inconveniently changing plans on a regular basis

I think I have most of them and, the worse is, I think I am still in the children stage! 

But I think, it's quite a normal disorder right? I think some of my friends have it (I think...) 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

[Outfit] Girlish Hippie

I learnt to draw my first ever skirt pattern in fashion class just now. I am so happy about it! Finally I am drawing the pattern for clothing and soon I will be sewing my first ever skirt!! Can't wait! 

As usual, I enjoy dressing up for classes, like I did for the French class. Even I felt lazy on that day and just wanted to dress casually, I will still try to add a little statement to my outfit. So, I tied a scarf onto my head as to adding some fun to the common black/gray/white outfit. I do feel a little bit hippy with the scarf on my head yet girlish, I think. 

Well, I love backpack especially when I need to carry lots of stuffs! It lessen the burden on my one shoulder as compared to the shoulder bag (I suffer shoulder pain very often. God knows why. I always think that my body is older than my age). Anyway, I have been carrying this white backpack a lot and actually this is my only backpack; I bought it like almost a year ago? I love it so much because it's so plain! Minimalist!

I bought the scarf with an insanely low price. I got it from a Japanese shop that sells almost everything for $12 hkd. Although they don't always have good stuffs but I really love to shop there and I tend to buy my glasses and some other random houseware there. Seriously, with such a good price, why do I need to go to another shop to get similar stuffs which double the price? 

Oh, and there is Eeyore which I got it from Disneyland, he is hanging on my backpack if you are aware of him. I don't usually buy soft toys key-chain but he is just looking too cute and innocent! *grin*

Lastly, I just want to share that I am so happy that I am going to Designer Fashion Night AW13 launch party next Friday! Really looking forward to meeting the designers and bloggers. Will try to post some photos about that next week. 

Soup of the day: Girlish Hippie. 

Tops: Topshop (gray)| Random (black)
Skirt: Primark
Backpack: Muji
Scarf: Random

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Thom Browne Womenswear S/S 2013

As mentioned in previous blog, I am obsessed with Thom Browne's fashion show. Sadly, I can't find his latest show in Womenswear SS13 in the NYFW, so here are some pictures from the Dazed Digital and i-D online. 

[source: i-D online | Dazed Digital]