Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Outfits to welcome the Autumn.

Soup of the Day: The Black Oxfords.

After weeks (or months?) for abandoning the "Soup of the Day" album, finally I have some time to sit down and update the album. However, my "personal photographer" is really busy to hold a camera for me, hence the only-shoes-and-part-of-the-skirts pictures are taken lately, there are also few the-only-half-of-the-tops-with-the-awkward-face pictures tho'.

Anyway, here are few outfit I wore weeks ago. I'm really into simple but something kind of mood lately. I wear pleated skirt quite often too, to act like a lady :) I bought one black Topshop oxford lace-up shoes for casual daily wear, it goes well with almost everything, and most importantly, with very reasonable price, hooray!

Next, I just want to say it again, I am really a Monki freak! I realise most of my stuffs are from Monki. Everytime my friend kindly giving me compliments about my outfit, I would go like "It's from Monki" until one time she said, "Monki again?" Yea, Monki again.

So the below heels / skirts are from Monki.

Soup of the Day: Quiet. 

And then, finally something not from Monki. Below is a one-piece shirt from COS. I love its simplicity. Clean and stiff, with a collar, is perfect for some formal occasion but not looking too serious.
Then, I wore the beautiful unicorn necklace from my beloved friend as a little touch-up :) Not too much.

Soup of the Day: Unicorn Dream.

Before ending the post, I just want to share some excited news that LV has announced their new creative director - Nicolas Ghesquière the former Balenciaga designer! Looking forward to see the next show! Anyway, I want to share these interesting words by DailyMail online describing this whole situation - "It's fashion musical chairs" - can't agree more.

Source: Vogue. 

Pleated Skirts: Monki | Shoes: Monki, Topshop | Collar one-piece: COS | Necklace: gift.