Sunday, 16 October 2011

Disney x Colourblocks?

Saw this from Tavi's Style Rookie and found it's so interesting!
Exaggerate, exaggerate, and exagerate. 
It makes me think of Disney films.
Owh, no wonder, Bye Bye Birdie is a musical.

Well, besides the funny cute interesting motion, I definitely love their fashion!
Who doesn't, right? Especially at this oh-vintage-is-SOOOO-in-era.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Comme des Garcons SS12

I like the all white. 
I like the big ribbon which tied the hands. 
It seems like a big present. 
Owh, hi! Here is your gift! One mentally-ill lady!

[Comme des Garcons SS2012,]

Hello Mickey!

I want to live in a world which does not exist!
So I went to Disneyland; with my vintage old look.
And, I love the skirt so much. It doesn't make my ass looks fat! (Some pleated skirts will really make the butt looks super big, especially those with poor materials.)
I saw Mickey of course, but I didn't say hi to him.