Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dreamy DIY for wedding.

MY DIY pens for the wedding. 
I think, I will be living in the Wonderland and Neverland forever. 

Monday, 26 November 2012

[Oufit] Autumn is finally here!

The autumn comes late this year here, I could sweat even I am only wearing a thin knitwear in early November. I just started to feel chilly on last Saturday, and I thought: Finally...! The autumn is here!

So I finally could wear my thick knitwear/pullover! I love autumn/winter so much as I love layering outfits! I love mixing and matching my clothes and not getting sweat with thick layering of clothes.

The black huge scarf is one of my favourite item in my winter closet, I got it about 3 years ago from All Saints outlet! And I still love it even though I have added several new scarfs among these years. As I mentioned, I hardly throw my stuffs unless it's broken, especially those I really love, and I love many stuffs. So I ended up keeping everything I have bought since years ago. Sometimes I find that they are still adorable and totally wearable, and, you know, the secret is, I love the fact that you hardly could meet the awkward situation where you see everyone on the street wearing the same outfit as you when you are actually wearing the old seasoned items. *Grin* So my trick is matching the old seasoned item with the new season clothing and voila! You will have your very own style! 

So this time I have my old scarf, old boots, everything old except the silver shimmering pleated skirt I just bought week ago! Love the new skirt! However, the smaller sizes were sold out, so the skirt is a little bit unfit and I think the waist-line should be higher where the skirt could be a little bit shorter, guess I have to alter the waist size later. Hmmphh. 

We walked around on the streets that day after some wedding preparation as the weather is cool and nice, walking and taking pictures of everything we see everywhere. 

Anyway, yes, autumn is here! And very soon will be the winter's turn. I guess the weather is very unpredictable these days, we literally only have few days of autumn before it's turning into winter this year. Weird. 
Sorry for the long post. 

Can't get over with i-D mode. 

Soup of the Day: Autumn is finally here! 

Knitwear: Vintage | Skirt: Monki | Scarf: All Saints | Box-bag and boots: Old seasoned Topshop

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tiny part of my closet.

I got headache everytime when I tried to tidy up my closet here. There is just the tiny part of my closet. I guess most of the girls do have same problem as me. 

I am thinking to get rid of them by selling them or by giveaway, which I'm quite unwilling to do, as I love my clothes so much. I literally shed tears when I saw 2 clothes was inside the rubbish bin, it's thrown by someone :'( and I couldn't throw the rubbish I was holding onto the clothes. Okay, drama I know. But that's real and I did not exaggerate. Anyway, back to the closet-cleaning task. Maybe I really need to sell or giveaway some of them.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

[Outfit] Puffy!

I am definitely in love with this kind of skirt, love that it could stand puffy itself! I got this skirt from random boutique in Mong Kok, was considering whether I should buy it because the skirts come in those one free size which they expect every girl looks the same in one small waist (and they don't provide fitting room in small boutiques here.) Anyway, yea, I bought it and I could fit that in but just that I feel a little bit difficult to breath. Well, I guess it is true that they say you have to suffer to look pretty! 

Also, I love the prints/patterns on the skirt! It looks like 3D engraving on the skirt. Love it so much! But I think I really need a serious diet. I need to slim my waist down a bit. After the whole night of this outfit, I felt suffocated. Urgh. 

And, lately I have a lot of thinking, like what to do and what to choose. I don't know, I think I have to be true to my heart and accept the real own me and love the real own me (ok, got inspired somewhere) Anyway, I just do not want to hide anymore. I mean, I may be a dreamer but I am sure I'm not the only one. I guess, although the stuffs I do seems a little bit meaningless to some people, but who cares really? Anyway. 

Soup of the Day: Puffy!

Black basic top: H&M | Knitwear: Monki | Skirt: Random boutique. 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lesia Paramonova | The Flowery World.

I guess I just can't resist flowery. These are from Lesia Paramonova. I am totally in love with this brand when I first saw it! They are all so beautiful! I wish I could have them all in my closet. Check out more of their collection here. They do provide shipping to overseas! Good news. 


Friday, 16 November 2012

[Outfit] x Self-made Skirt!

Ta-da! Here is my very first unfinished-finished self-made skirt!!!!!! Yes, it's considered as completed and totally wearable now! And, yes, it's also unfinished yet though, as I didn't finish the hemming at the bottom part of the skirt. Anyway, I guess, thanks to Martin Margiela x H&M, as they just hit the town, I now have a very good excuse for such 'deconstruction'. 

And, I confess, I am very lazy to iron the skirt. Come on', it's just a homework. 

Soup of the Day: Self-made Skirt! 

Knitwear: Monki | Skirt: Self-made

Disney x Barneys NY Presents: Electric Holiday

Happy holiday soon! 
This is too cute and I want to dedicate this to all the fashion lovers! 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

[Outfit] Into the Wild

Ops, I have been absent here often lately. Busy with classes, homeworksss and the wedding prep. Well. And the exciting news is, I have successfully made my very first skirt by myself in class! Yay!  Well, I feel really excited and will post about the self-made skirt later. Again, I have actually captured some of my outfits these weeks but I was just too busy to update the blog. Anyway, here I am again with the outfits posts.  

The weather is getting cooler these days, and I found that beanies has been quite a trend here lately, so I got this bear beanie from H&M! I found that it looks quite stupid in a good way. I think we could still have fun and be cool whilst keeping ourselves warm! 

There are also grayish mouse and penguin beanies in the shop except this white bear. I personally love white and this bear looks really funny among the others, so I got this one.

So, yea, be funny and be happy! 

Soup of the Day: Into the Wild

Knitwear: Vintage | Skirt: Cotton On | Top x Bear beanie: H&M | Necklace: Monki

Monday, 5 November 2012

[Outfit] Under the Sea


Last week was a hectic week for me, with revisions and tests, anyway, I went to Ocean Park yesterday! I guess I should have a some fun after the stressful week before I start my further revision for coming exams again. 

Anyway, back to the Ocean Park and the outfit I wore yesterday. For those haven't visited Hong Kong before, Ocean park could be literally interpreted, where there are different species of sea creatures and also penguins and etc. Also there is a theme park with different kind of rides and also there are perfomances showing at different time slots. Basically it's a theme park with great aquariums. It has been a really long since my last visit to the park, like 10 years ago? I enjoyed this visit very much!

I wore a vintage blue x white dress, which I think it suits the ocean theme well! Well, I bought the shark headband from the Park to be more into the ocean mood. It looks fun!
I was like a little kid, jumping around and kept shouting : "Wow! So beautiful! Take picture for me!!" There are lots of colourful walls and pretty decorations and of course beautiful fishes and stuffs!

When I wish upon the star...

We played hide and seek in between the seaweed. Ahh.. kidding! The cute little girl just joined me for picture *smile*

 And here goes the aquariums with fishes and the beautiful jelly-fishes...

It is so dreamy with the lights shine through the water and the music playing in big aquarium, and the elegant movement of the fishes and jelly-fish, especially the Sea-Jelly Spectacular (this name is found in the Ocean Park official site, but I think the direct translate from the Chinese name is much more beautiful, which would be: Sea Jelly Kaleidoscope) 

Soup of the Day: Under the Sea

Dress: Vintage | Coat: Zara | Bag: Vintage | Unicorn legging: RI by Carrie | Shark headband: Ocean Park