Wednesday, 30 January 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Lady-like. Not?

Yesterday, I decided to choose the mustard pencil midi which was lying peacefully in my closet for like months (Btw, pencil midi? Pencil skirt? What do you call this kind of skirt? I love the texture of the fabric. It's soft, casual yet could be quite lady-like, and it's with elastic waistband; easy come easy go. lol. ) Oh, and I definitely love the colour! Mustard-orangey? It looks really special, for me. There was black actually the time I bought this skirt, but I still prefer to go for something different (yea, I guess at least half of my closest is in black .. *yawning* )

And, my hair colour is surprisingly matching with the skirt! I never thought of that! Anyway, pair it with my vintage flowery blouse (not new, if you did follow my blog, I wore it before) and the white cardigan I got long time ago from Zara (sorry that one of the buttons was dropped out, ops. ) 

Well. That's all. I am actually blogging now with my little break from the making of the sketch-board, it's due tomorrow, but I am really sleepy right now. Hmm.. 

Soup of the Day: Lady-like. 

Cardigan: Zara | Skirt: Monki | Flowery blouse: vintage 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Soup of the Day: Nerdy Day.

I went to the library to borrow some books about fairy tale, Shakespeare, English history etc, hoping to get some more inspiration for my collection sketches due on next week. 

Anyway, then I went to the vacant rooftop of the library to wonder around. It feels good sometimes to go to places with no people. That allows you to have fun and to fool around, taking pictures without any interruption, and it would be a bonus if the place have lovely wall paint colour! Like this pastel blue colour in the pictures. I like! I think it matches with my hair colour. *grin*

Had fun on the rooftop! 
Anyway, I am wearing this very old dress I got from H&M, I love the big round umbrella skirt! It just make me feels like dancing around with such wavy skirt! Furthermore, I love that it goes well with different kind of occasions, from work to study and also good for dating, my personal view. Well, that's why the little black dress is a must in the closest, isn't it? 

Pair it up with the cardigan and the books, I feel so nerdy, in a good fashionable way. *wink* 

Soup of the Day: Nerdy Day. 
Black dress: H&M | Cardigan: Zara 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Studded Tights.

I got this studded tights together with a bag and a ring with an alphabet 'N' as Christmas gift from my man. I was super duper surprised when I got the Topshop parcel delivered from UK (Hong Kong hasn't had Topshop yet. Booo....... Anyway, heard that it will be opened soon in coming May! ) 

To be honest, I think I would never bought this kind of studded tights by myself even if I saw it in the shop, I don't know, I might have missed seeing it or just never think I could carry tights with studs. 

Well, now with the pink hair, I feel so 'rock n' roll' and think it's time to match my simple outfit with this studded tights. Ahh.. I love it! (Studded stuffs always look punk and rock for me. )

Inspiration from Charlotte Free, a model I found when flipping through the magazine, I wore this bright dark blue knitwear matching with the pink hair. 

Alright, though hers is purple knitwear. 

Soup of the Day: Studded Tights.
Knitwear: Random boutique | Skirt: Monki | Studded tights: Topshop | Bag: Zara | Necklace: DIY 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tim Walker : Fairy Tale Comes True ..

I have been brainstorming lately for my grad-show / competition collection lately, the theme is 'regeneration'. Well, basically it is anything you could think of, right? There is wide definition for 'regeneration' I personally think. So, I have decided to take 'fairy tale' as a main theme of mine, and elaborate from there on. 

Why 'fairy tale'? I know it might sounds a little bit cliché, but hey, who doesn't have their very own little childhood dream deep inside the heart? I think, after this high-tech decade with all the very well-developed electrical devices, most people might feel mentally tired and might just feel like back to the very basic need, which is - happiness - at least, for me, it is.  So, what makes me happy? I think the childhood dreams do, I think those dreams do make many girls smile too. 

So I google around for inspiration of my collection and searching pictures to make my mood-board which is due in end of this month. I searched many great designers pieces. And of course, fairy tale fashion remind me of Tim Walker's art pieces. 

Here I share some of the inspiration I found randomly online. 

Ahh.. back to sketches. 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Finally got my pink hair!

I finally got to dye my hair into pink!!! 
I am so excited!! 
I always wanted to dye my hair into the lovely pink colour but I couldn't do it due to the wedding (well, I don't think the adults would love to see a pink hair bride ) 
So yea, my wedding is finally held weeks ago and finally I could get my hair done!!! 
Love it, not? 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: 15 Minutes Eternal.

Here comes the late post of my outfit pictures I taken weeks ago! I went to the Andy Warhol's exhibition held at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The exhibition is pretty good, as "pop art is for everyone", it's not difficult to like his work. I would not use 'love' tho', just my personal view. 

Anyway, I wore this simple yet not casual outfit to the exhibition. I am in love with this coat I purchased from Pull and Bear at the discounted section, it's like love at first sight, when I saw it hanging there and was ignored by people passing around. 

I added a pair of lace socks which we used to wear when we were young to make the whole unicorn look more dreamy and also contradict to the minimalism of the clear cut grey coat. 

Soup of the Day: 15 Minutes Eternal. 

Coat: Pull and Bear | LBD: H&M | Unicorn tights: RI by Carrie | Bag: Zara | Unicorn ring: Instagram