Saturday, 30 July 2011


Ahhhhhh!!! I just want to shout out loudly! 
How cool the hats are! 
I want them all please. 

Maybe we could cut the into half and tie it up on the head :-O

[Designer: Martina Tiefenthaler; Photo from here.]

Friday, 29 July 2011

Knitwear designer: Hannah Taylor.

I just can't resist knitwear! That's why I love autumn/winter so much!

Hannah Taylor, who's just just graduated from Royal College of Art in London for Menswear Fashion MA. Her knitwear designs are playful and it makes me smile! I like them so much!!

Let's see her 2009 collections called "You'll Grow Into It":

Cute! Aren't them?
Next, her latest collection for her graduation in Royal College of Art:

I love them so much. I realised that she has inserted so many elements which are 'in' nowadays, like animals and prints and colours, which are all exist in the 2011 runway shows!

Besides that, her portfolio is amazing too;
It's carefree, artistic, not the ordinary fashion portfolio!

I want them all! Although they are for menswear, but who cares. I love oversized! AHHHHH!!!!
What a great inspiration. Lovely :)

Check more about Hannah Taylor out here.

[Photos: all from her page]

Short Introduction.

Ok, this is my first post here (craps)
I should slightly introduce myself.

My name is Nicole, I love fashion but I'm not an expert in fashion, definitely not a fashion student. However, I love looking at beautiful stuffs and sharing them to people. I am not a professional fashion blogger (I never would imagine myself to be one like Tavi Gevinson!) but I really enjoy writing about stuffs I like, especially fashion. 

For fashion, I love vintage! I love fashion designs which have its own character. I'm not a big fan of the high-end brands, but I don't refuse them. I just won't follow the trend blindly. But if they're crazily classy, like the Hermes Birkin, then why not, right? :)

Well, actually this is not my first blog about fashion, if you could read Chinese and if you're interested in what I wrote in the past, please visit here, where I write not only about fashion, also some other stuffs like musics and some thoughts. 

You might think, then why do I need a new blog while I already have one? 
So I say, I am a pretty weird person. I don't have a good reason for this entirely new blog. I just feel right to open a new blog, which no friend of mine knows about; at where I could just be myself and write freely without having too much of consideration. 

Anyway, cut the craps.
Let's start sharing!

Feel free to comment :)