Friday, 29 March 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: The Magician's Dream.

As I previously mentioned, I am at the 7-day Journey with, so of course I would be wearing the amazing Ame heels. As predicted, I wore black again to match with the blue heels, however, this time I added a bit more creativity and fun! I decided to wear this gold party hat which was leftover from my man's birthday and, to be more creative and to look more awkward (yes I like to look like a weirdo sometimes, at least weirdo is having more fun than the normal one), I add this white rose on top (again a leftover, from the making of flower crown). 

I feel like I am like a magician, and at the same time The Little Prince (guess it's because of the rose). 

Besides, I intentionally paint my nails into this Barbie pink (it's named Daydream from Topshop, how romantic!), which was brought to me by my deary friend. For your information, Hong Kong doesn't have Topshop, urgh. Heard that it is coming soon tho'. Anyway. Then I put on this sweet pink blusher from NARS to match with the nails. My classmates thought I was drunk when I enter the classroom with the pink blush. How cute they are. 

Casting spell!

Dancing in the rain~

Because I am not really a high-heels person, I normally wear loafers or flatform, normally I mean like 95% of my life. So, I also took some picture of this outfit with my Monki shoes, as I think this quirky look fits well with it! 

My inspiration: 

Soup of the Day: The Magician's Dream

Black dress: Monki | Shoes: Ame and Monki | Hat: DIY

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Soup of the Day: All That Glitters...

I attended the Amé opening event the night before with 2 of my friends, and I am so thankful that we received sponsor from Amé, which we could bring home one pair of the shoes from the shop to join the 7-day Journey with, any pair! Basically we need to style up the pair of shoes we chose and take our snapshots within the 7 days. It sounds extremely fun to me! By the way, it was a really hard choice to make, especially there are tons of beautiful footwear on the shelves! 

Anyway, I chose this pair of studded heels, which I think is slightly different from my usual style. I am  just thinking to challenge myself (a little bit tho') to wear something I am not usually comfortable at. I love rock n' roll, but I am not a fan of studs. I only have one pair of studded tights from Topshop before this bootie heels. I find the black studs matching well with this shade of blue, it looks a bit of rock n' roll and cool, yet not too tough. Just nice! So why not giving the studs a try? 

I realised that it is quite difficult to match the colour of the heels. I could only think of black, which could goes well with anything. However, I want to spice it up a little bit, so I added this glittering silver knit outerwear I bought long time ago. 

So, thanks Amé again for the oppturnity! 
Please click here to visit Amé, if you are interested. 

Soup of the Day: All That Glitters...
Silver outerwear: H&M | Black skirt: Monki | Studded heels: Amé | Bag: Topshop

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Soup of the Day: Art and Literature.

We are so happy that the Eslite bookstore is opened in Hong Kong months ago, which is originally based in Taiwan. The bookstore normally close at 2 a.m. for most days, which is a really good news for us who would love to find somewhere to stay and wandering around at late night. 

That day, we went there and dined in at the Eslite Tea Room to celebrate the belated birthday of my man, then we started to stroll in the bookstore. We came to this small space where they show different artists artwork for different period. That day, this flowery work is exhibited, and we think it looks so good and fit for an outfit quick shot. I think the Chinese x Japanese-ish of the art-piece fitting well with my outfit, especially my new footwear. 

So, with all the literature and art, also the meal and dessert, we both are so satisfied and inspired! 

Soup of the Day: Art and Literature. 
Black top and white skirt: H&M | Heels: Monki | Scarf: All Saints

Sunday, 17 March 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Le Dimanche Après-midi

The weather was good yesterday, the Sunday afternoon. So, we went for a afternoon tea after the French class and had a little walk around the cafe after the tea as we have some time left before the movie, OZ the Great and Powerful (I would love to say that, the movie is so beautiful and magical! It's the typical Disney movie, with light and hope! Love it of course!). We came to this street with pretty boutiques and where not many people walking around, which is good for a quick shooting for the outfit. 

I wore a simple midi with black top and a pair of white loafers trying to bring out the french-ness mood for the French class, as I always did. With the huge scarf to warm me up, as I had the annoying nose allergy x flu yesterday. Anyway, I guess it's sometimes true that, less is more. Simple could be the best. 

Soup of the Day: Le Dimanche Après-midi 
Top: Monki | Skirt: Random boutique | Loafers: ASOS | Backpack: Muji

Friday, 15 March 2013

Random sharing.

These days I have been busying picking inspiration from everywhere (the magazines, the websites and blogs, watching the documentary about the famous designers... etc. etc.) for my grad collection. Well, as mentioned in earlier post, I have decided to do a collection with the fairy tale theme. I always love dreamy princess look crossover a little bit of playful weird creepy dark and geek feeling (I think Meadham Kirchhoff does the best so far for these), and at the same time I also love minimalism and classic look. So, I am a greedy bitch. Whatever, who doesn't? 

This post is just a record for myself as to what I have done these days. 
So, I love the Valentino's Cinderella-ish 'glass slippers' as shown above. 

Then, we celebrated my man's birthday.

Yummy chocolate banana cake. 

I do think the gold party hats look quite fashionable. 
Yea, he had many birthday cakes for this month. 

Then, I did some draft for fashion class. We need to create 2 looks with 8 inspirations (any kind of inspiration, from film to music to famous designers to fashion icon to a book, or an incident, or ... actually really just any kind of inspiration). Then, because I totally forgot about this task until the day of the class, so I picked Audrey Hepburn, Chanel, Balenciaga, Breakfast at Tiffany's, LBD, white shirt, Jil Sander maybe? Actually I don't know.. I just try to imagine Audrey in a rather boyish modern look.

This draft look so rough.. with all the dirty patches. Yicks. 
Anyway, I guess I took them pretty literally. Whatever. Last minute look, what do I expect, right? 

And I am sewing a skirt now, right now (yes, I am typing this post by escaping from sewing the hemming of a skirt, it's not very fun to sew the hemming especially when you've a huge wavy round skirt.)

Back to sewing. 

Monday, 11 March 2013

New haircut!

Fuhh fuhh! (I am blowing away the dust of my blog). It has been, like weeks, since my last update. 
I have been busying with things I can't see (yes, it is ghostly, I feel mentally and psychically tired, yet I don't see any outcome of the things I was busying with); Well, except my haircut appointment. 

So yea, I changed from a normal long black hair to dip-dye pink hair and now to really short hair. I love the fact that my head now looking like a mushroom without any styling (as shown above); and I personally love it with red lips. 

And below pictures were taken on the day I went for the haircut, so obviously my hair was styled.

I was drawn by him with the Tim Burton's vibe .
So far, I have received quite a lot of positive comment on my change of hairstyle. So I am happy with it! 

Oh, another thing is, I forgot to take the outfit pictures with the new hairstyle. I guess I am really tired until I kind of forgetting what I always love to do. Anyway, will pick that up again. And there're few more outfit posts to be posted, those I have captured for weeks ago ( please teach me how to kill the lazy bugs living in my bloodstream? ...) 

Haircut @ La Mod