Friday, 31 August 2012

[Outfit] L'étudiante

As mentioned earlier, I go to French class every Sunday at Alliance Française de Hong Kong. I love French and I love their culture as well. I love the dressing up and the style and the attitude of French people. I think most of those who love fashion would have that Paris dream. To be honest, I have never been to Paris; I went to places in Europe like Italy, Spain, Geneva, etc when I was studying in UK; but I haven't been to France once. I don't know why I have no such huge fantasy going there even I was already started taking up French course that time. Of course, now I regret that I have never been to France, I regret that I refused joining my parents to France when they visited me in the UK. 

So, for every week, I try to dress up to class! It is not only learning the language but also learning their culture right? I always imagine that a French lady would dress up even she is only going to a grocery. To respect the culture, also to satisfy my own Parisian fantasy, I try to dress like a French student to class. (Forgive my craps, and I think I don't dress like a Parisian but I am just trying to convey my own French mood. Most importantly, is to enjoy the dressing up! )

Last week, as usual, I tried to dress up to French class even though I was feeling ill. 
(I realised that my face looked really sick in the photos. Hhmph... )

Please forgive the stupid expression, I was literally snapped shot. I was really sick that day.  

I decided to go for a casual vintage look. 
Actually the headband is a gift from my man's sister, she told me that she was trying to finish her money left in her bank account in UK because it will be expired soon, so she went spending all the money - which is £17 -- in ASOS online. Well, I am quite amazed by how wisely she could spend the £17 when I saw the parcel came. The parcel includes one hat, two headbands and a pair of ear-rings. For me, there is a lot of stuffs with only £17! 

Well, the skirt is also a gift from her. I think this blog is basically a thank-you note for her.  
She bought the skirt randomly with an inexpensive price. She told me that she couldn't resist buying it even though she knows that it might not fit her well because she found the fabric is quite good in quality and which could worth more than the price tag, which I agree! 
She tried it on when she got home but she thinks it looks too short on her and so she gave it to me, as she thinks it suits my vintage look (and I am much shorter than her so the length of the skirt suits me well), and yay! I thanked-her for the new skirt in my closet :)

The bag was the vintage bag I mentioned in one of my old post [here], finally I have a close-up-capture of it. It was bought in a very good price, inexpensive price; and I love that the length of the bag could be altered, I could carry it in several ways, that's the point I bought it! 

Done with the styling part, now back to the French class. As I said I started to take French in University but I didn't take it seriously, what a shame. I skipped classes (blame the winter! Although I love snow, but I just couldn't leave my warm bed in the early morning. Booo.. ), I don't dare to get my French exam result because I felt that I am writing nonsense and speaking nonsense during the oral session. So, now I am starting all over again from level 1. Great. However, the difference is, now I pay full attention during class as I know that I must grab the opportunity tight when it comes the second time! I gave up once, I can't repeat that stupid huge mistake again. 

Alright, off to class. Sorry for the long winded post. 

Soup of the day: L'étudiante. 
T-shirt: Monki
Skirt: Random boutique, gift from Tracy
Bag: Vintage
Headband: ASOS, gift from Tracy. 
Shoes: Monki
Accesories: DIYs. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I wanna shout out loud that : I AM FINALLY A FASHION DESIGN STUDENT!!!!!!!

Class will be started soon in September!


Making myself a dress is not my day-dream anymore! 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

[Outfit] The Secret Garden

I didn't blog often the last week because I was busying with some nonsense lately. One of the nonsense was that I participated in a Japanese Comic event (I don't know what is the exact name of the event), where people rented a booth (or table?) to sell their own created comics and some 'side-products' (actually they don't invent their own comics, instead they normally choose some existed characters/comics they love and used them to create their own story. Uhm, basically, they copy and add things further to make them their own.) 

Anyway, I made myself a rather exaggerate headband (not really exaggerate but it is a bit more than the normal one) to be more coordinate to the event and the people there; I think I look really normal there as there were many people had cosplay (they dressed exactly like their favourite comic charaters, and I somehow feel that they could be good in fashion as they put so much effort in their clothings and I think some of them made their own accessories, or their 'weapon'? As you know, the Japanese comic characters have their own weapons.) 

So here was my look of that day: 

I feel hope with the horse and star on the flowery. 

I actually successfully picked the horse soft toy from a claw machine long time ago, it was a key chain and I removed the chain and have it stick on the flowers, I just feel like creating the sort of dreamy feeling, where the unicorn standing on the flowers garden (although it's not an unicorn, I just can't get over with the unicorn); I think that the horse is cute and it looks so innocent to be matchy to my theme. 
Also, I made the star myself! I mean I literally made the star and painted it into silver-gold by myself. 

I also made a more simple and more ready-to-wear kind of flower headband to change after the event, as it's kinda weird actually to wear the horse on the head and walking on the street.

My inspiration is from the following photos: 

Anyway, that was all. It was my first time to participate in such event, honestly I don't read comics myself and the only Japanese animation I really love is Sailormoon. It is still a great experience tho' ! I had fun! 
Sometimes I think nonsense makes me feel alive! *wink*

Tops: H&M
Skirt: Heaven Please
Tatto tights: Ri by Carrie
Accessories and headbands: DIYs by me.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Random Fashion Inspiration.

Love the pink bubbles! Kate Moss in Vogue.

This is a really random post that me showing some random pictures I found online and when I flipping through the magazine in the bookstore that caught my eyes.

Wallpaper magazine.

Seriously in love with the pictures in this issue of Wallpaper magazine! Love the styling love the outfits love the idea love the whole image! I just love everything on this topic in this issue! 


Sunday, 19 August 2012

[Outfit] Grand Wishful Unicorn

Weekend-photoshooting seems to be my usual routine lately, especially when I have bought something new or have made some new accessories, I just can't wait to show and share them! 

So we went for a quick shoot yesterday with my newly bought stuffs (I think almost 90% of the things I wore yesterday for the shoot are new! *evil smile*) Yea, I went for shopping on Friday before my class (so I was like carrying whole big and heavy paper bag to the class)

Anyway, I finally bought a pair of Ri by Carrie tattoo tights which I wanted to get it for months!! There is a unicorn printed on it (UNICORN!!! Another thing I am quite obsessed about, besides the stars. It's so mysterious yet dreamy and beautiful, and it feels like it could bring hopes like the stars do.) I feel like I'm living in fairy tale with the unicorn tights *day dreaming*

Hence, I decided to go with the grand wishful unicorn look yesterday. 

The unobvious pink colour on my hair are shown only under certain lighting. 

Always love playground.

Love the detail of the bag!
Of course I do remember that I mentioned about the inspiration of the ombre hair colour for the shoot. So, I tried to colour my hair with the pastel chalk, as taught in some blogs online, where they taught us to wet the hair a little bit and apply the pastel on the hair directly, and fix the colour with hairspray (I sprayed a lot as the pastel could not easily stay on the hair!) uhm.. the effect is not really obvious though as seen in the picture, but it still could be seen with strong attention (well, it's not ombre though, just some highlighted pink hair? uhh.. )

Oh, as I said 90% of the things I wore are new, yes! So I bought the black sheer dress together with the tattoo tights. I made the new necklace with pearls and horse just to match with the unicorn and 'luxurious' mood. The flowery 'bag' was categorized at the make-up/accessories session in the shop, so I think it supposed to be a make-up bag, but who cares! I love the flowers and the colours! It's inexpensive as well. So I bought it and make it a 'clutch'. See, it just makes people feel happy by looking at it, and I absolutely love the detail of it where there is wordings "I know Love" on the zip. How true it is. 

I am still in the i-D's wink mood. 

Dress: From Heaven Please
Tatto tights: Ri by Carrie (which could also be bought online here or here)
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Monki
Accessories: DIYs by me.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Inspiration for photoshooting: Ombre Hair

Lana Del Rey

Weekends again tomorrow! Hooray!
I think I would have new post about outfits *wink* 
So, as usual, I am looking for inspirations on what to wear and what to do for the next photoshooting. 
How about ombre purple/pink hair? 
I can't wait to mess my hair up! 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Come back the sexy lips!

I saw the Diane Von Furstenberg F/W2012 campaign the other day when I was flipping the LOVE magazine, and I fall into the gold lips on the clutch. I think to myself, is the lips fever coming back? 

Soon after that, I recall Lulu Guinness famous lips clutch. Later, the Timmy Woods'. 


Lulu Guinness's cluth

Lulu Guinness's clutch

Lulu Guinness's cluchtES! 

Timmy Woods

Timmy Woods

Lulu Guinness's lips clutch was a hit, but for me among all these, I think I would go for Timmy Woods' gold lip. How could I not love it?? It's sooooo beautiful. 

Anyway, I guess I should find something else in high street which is inspired by the designers' brand in more affordable price, like this Johnny Loves Rosie lips clutch from ASOS:

I am still in love with the gold lips. 

[Pictures: here, here, here, here, here and there, there, there]

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

[Outfit] Night Is Mine!

There are of course times that I am feeling tired and feeling lazy and I just feel like being comfortable and want to dress down, such as the times when I just want to go down to get some groceries, or times when I am just going downstairs for dinner with the man, or the times when I just want to walk in the park and get some fresh air. In those times, I don't really feel like having full make up with 'clown' dresses. 

I would say I am a person who is always trapped in the reminiscent mood; I love vintage and I try my best not to throw things (which causing my room looks like in the state of war in 90% of the time in my life); I would always try to dig out the old clothing I bought years ago to mix and match with the new stuffs. So this time, I have my inexpensive skirt from Primark. 

Dressing-down doesn't mean you should look ugly. I do think you still could present your own personality even with dressing down, and you could still have fun even without the clown dresses! 
After all, life is too short for not having fun right? 

With a little bit of i-D element, if you got what I mean. The wink? 

And do have fun with the nature.  How could we not fall for the flowers? 

Shall thou staying where thou should have and I shall remember us forever.

I think it might be too little for a fashion/style post, the dressing down and all, but don't we sometimes just want to take things easy and and just have fun no matter what? 

So the night is mine! You should have yours too! Live the life we have imagined and not live the life that is told by others! 

(Oh, pictures were captured yesterday.)

T-shirt: Zara Boy kids-wear
Skirt: Years ago from UK Primark
Bag: Mimi, years ago from London Fashion Week
Hair accessories: Hairspray + flower from nature
Bracelets: DIY by me

Saturday, 11 August 2012

[Outfit] Dreamy Vintage Granny Look

As mentioned in previous blog, I went for outing + photo-shooting with the man who doesn't need to work on Saturday! So I decided to dig out this vintage blue dress with pleated midi which I bought sometimes ago but I haven't find the right moment to wear it; I love the colour of this dress which is in pastel blue with some pink and white polka dots on it, I find that it is very dreamy, hence, I decided to make myself a flower crown to match with it and also goes with the breezy summer (yes, I made this flower crown a day before the shooting just for the sake of matching; I know I'm a bit obsessive about it.); 

I am trying to be one of the grannies and trying to feel  like them. 

Oh, the new shoes I am in love with.

Another DIYs by me. I'm addicted to stars, as always, and the horses.

Captured a close-up of the crown to show the glitters on the glue!

I finish up the dreamy look with the stars and horse bracelets I made days ago, also I think it could create a balance look with the granny outfit. I think stars and horses are so dreamy, like unicorn in the universe? Or a marry-go-round under the starry nights? Alright, I am talking craps again. 

Anyway, do you notice the glitters on my flower crown? I used the glue which has glitters in it! I was looking for it since I last seen something similar in Tavi's Style Rookie and finally I found it in some handicrafts shop!! Hooray! I bought gold and darker silver with glitters as well, will try it out next time. I think that the glitters glue could cover the ugly that you wanna hide from being seen by others, such as the cuts of the stem of the flowers. 

Oh, and of course I want to talk about the new shoes I got from Monki (of yes I am a fans, too bad that I couldn't get Topshop here, so I invested big amount of my money to Monki, and thank God that we have COS in HK now). I found this pair of shoes is pretty interesting the first time I saw it in the shop, but I was stopped from buying it by my friend (who are trying calm me down from the mood of shopaholic-ness, I thank her for her goodwill); However, I just couldn't forget about the shimmering caused by the 'leather' of the shoes for days, so it is now staying happily ever after with me :) 

Before ending the post, I wanna share an interesting idea that the man who photo-shot me came out with for my facebook album about my outfit, he pop-out this idea to title my album as : SOUP OF THE DAY which give me the feeling of love at first sight! So the album is created with some descriptions I created for it - 

Soup of the Day.

I will add different kinds of ingredients according to my mood of the day, and hopefully, it comes out 'tasty' enough; 
Or at least, hopefully, not a catastrophe. 

Ok, just trying to give some credits to this creative man. 
I am sleepy after typing this long post, I hope this doesn't put those who are reading into sleepy mood too. 

Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Monki
Bag: Random from street hawker
Accessories/ Flower crown: DIYs by me. 

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