Friday, 29 July 2011

Short Introduction.

Ok, this is my first post here (craps)
I should slightly introduce myself.

My name is Nicole, I love fashion but I'm not an expert in fashion, definitely not a fashion student. However, I love looking at beautiful stuffs and sharing them to people. I am not a professional fashion blogger (I never would imagine myself to be one like Tavi Gevinson!) but I really enjoy writing about stuffs I like, especially fashion. 

For fashion, I love vintage! I love fashion designs which have its own character. I'm not a big fan of the high-end brands, but I don't refuse them. I just won't follow the trend blindly. But if they're crazily classy, like the Hermes Birkin, then why not, right? :)

Well, actually this is not my first blog about fashion, if you could read Chinese and if you're interested in what I wrote in the past, please visit here, where I write not only about fashion, also some other stuffs like musics and some thoughts. 

You might think, then why do I need a new blog while I already have one? 
So I say, I am a pretty weird person. I don't have a good reason for this entirely new blog. I just feel right to open a new blog, which no friend of mine knows about; at where I could just be myself and write freely without having too much of consideration. 

Anyway, cut the craps.
Let's start sharing!

Feel free to comment :) 

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