Thursday, 7 June 2012

Penny Loafers in Hong Kong pleaseeeee!!!!

Why the hell is it so hard to get a pair of normal simple penny loafers in Hong Kong? 

Pathetically, I could easily found loafers on Japanese dolly's foot :(

Anyone could tell me where to get a pair of classic penny loafers in Hong Kong? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee
I don't mind buying them online if there is delivery to Hong Kong.
I have got one from Monki before but it is torn by my non-stop-wearing-and-walking for more than a year! Oh there is a hole there at the side of the shoes x_X horrible. 
I really think that pair of Monki worth much more than that kind of price though. 
Sorry my loafers, I didn't treat you really well and I confessed I really walked like a cow, stepping hard and didn't even care about its feeling. My fault. 

RIP my loafers. 

I haven't found a replacement yet since my old beloved Monki loafers has passed away. 
I have considered about Tod's before, I am willing to pay for great price to get ONE pair of my favourite shoes, but sadly, I love Tod's but I don't find its loafers looks exactly like the one I am looking for, it has the dotty thingy at the back of the shoes (No offence, and I sincerely would like to know, what is that for actually?) Anyway, it is just not my THE ONE even though it is a nice pair of shoes.

For me, shoes is like a man in life. I am royal to my shoes. I have tons of clothings and bags and accessories but I don't have many pairs of shoes. I wear them everyday and every night if I found the right one, okay, except for the special occasions that I need to wear heels (I love heels and at the same time I hate them, they  kill my foot!) 
So yea, back to the point, I won't feel contented unless I found the ONE pair of shoes. 

The funny thing is, many friends of mine suggested to me that to get shoes from shops where selling students' shoes. Noooooooo, they are different! Their heels are different!!! I don't mind getting a pair of students' shoes if they have the same heels, but they don't :( 

My friend just suggested me to go for Church in my facebook page (not the church to pray to God for a pair of loafers although I would do that too if necessary, but the Church for shoes), as I did bugging in my wall too about the miserable of searching for just one pair of shoes. 
So thank goodness ;) 

Anyway, please do let me know if anyone have other good suggestions on where to get a pair of classic loafers in Hong Kong or any online shop that do delivery to Hong Kong. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

(Photo source and my own loafers) 

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