Thursday, 21 February 2013

The childhood dreams... - haoshi Design

I saw this lovely merry-go-round clock at MOD Design Store at Macau few days ago (could you believe that? It's actually a clock! I thought it was a music box, but a clock! That's so cool! ) Anyway, fall in love with the luxurious all-white design. It says the characters (father, mother and kid) represent the different clock pointers. This whole idea is so romantic. Don't you think so? 

Oh, I forget to mention, it's the product of a brand - houshi Design Studio - from Taiwan. 

They also have balloon lights (literally it is a balloon and a light, a balloon-shaped light) and other fashion accessories, such as rings and necklaces (the above horses are one of their necklace pendants design). They are so cute and also nostalgic. Remind me of the childhood dreams.

Click on their web page here to check out where to find their products! 

[sources: haoshi Facebook, haoshi Blog]


  1. Omg this is amazing! can you post a link where you can buy it? is ist easy to read that clock?

    1. Hi! Oh thanks for reminding! Here is their website where you could find the stores selling their products -
      And, hmm.. I think it's not very practical as a clock but it is so beautiful that we can forget about the practicality. :)