Monday, 1 August 2011

Topshop's NAILS.

I just want to share something I've got from Topshop during the trip to Kuala Lumpur!
I've been missing Topshop for such a loooong time, since I'm back from UK last year.

When we talk about shopping, they have everything in Hong Kong, from stuffs with really low price (those we could find in small boutiques in everywhere - Mong Kok was one of the famous) to the high street brand (i.e. Monki, H&M, Zara, MNG.. etc.) to the high-end brands ( LV, Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Yohji's, Marc J. blah blah blah.. you name it!)
HOWEVER! UNFORTUNATELY! They do NOT have TOPSHOP! This's really unbelievable, illogical, unreasonable (I'm trying to find all the negative adjectives to describe this statement!), doesn't make sense at all!

So, I was like a crazy-little-fashion-noob wondering around Topshop excitedly. Awww! That reminds me of the time in UK! I miss UK so much. I miss those time that I could just go to Topshop for at least once per week, at least once! (Although I didn't get to buy stuffs everytime single time I was there). 

But after few years that I've been a Topshop fan, this is actually my first time to buy their Nails collection!
(I was too lazy to polish my nails back then) 
I am quite impressed by the texture! It's so easy to apply, surprisingly! The drawback is that it fades out easily too. But who cares, right. 
I actually quite like the fading out effect, which makes my nails look so carefree. It's like, I just don't care!   

Alright, I think I'm inspired by one of the bloggers I follow - here, where she painted her nails with bright orange and bright pink (together!) and did it in a very carefree way; she said: "Messy? I don't care!"
And that's the spirit I love!
We don't need to be perfect to feel great! :D

[Nail polish from Topshop; My fingers/nails!]

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