Monday, 26 November 2012

[Oufit] Autumn is finally here!

The autumn comes late this year here, I could sweat even I am only wearing a thin knitwear in early November. I just started to feel chilly on last Saturday, and I thought: Finally...! The autumn is here!

So I finally could wear my thick knitwear/pullover! I love autumn/winter so much as I love layering outfits! I love mixing and matching my clothes and not getting sweat with thick layering of clothes.

The black huge scarf is one of my favourite item in my winter closet, I got it about 3 years ago from All Saints outlet! And I still love it even though I have added several new scarfs among these years. As I mentioned, I hardly throw my stuffs unless it's broken, especially those I really love, and I love many stuffs. So I ended up keeping everything I have bought since years ago. Sometimes I find that they are still adorable and totally wearable, and, you know, the secret is, I love the fact that you hardly could meet the awkward situation where you see everyone on the street wearing the same outfit as you when you are actually wearing the old seasoned items. *Grin* So my trick is matching the old seasoned item with the new season clothing and voila! You will have your very own style! 

So this time I have my old scarf, old boots, everything old except the silver shimmering pleated skirt I just bought week ago! Love the new skirt! However, the smaller sizes were sold out, so the skirt is a little bit unfit and I think the waist-line should be higher where the skirt could be a little bit shorter, guess I have to alter the waist size later. Hmmphh. 

We walked around on the streets that day after some wedding preparation as the weather is cool and nice, walking and taking pictures of everything we see everywhere. 

Anyway, yes, autumn is here! And very soon will be the winter's turn. I guess the weather is very unpredictable these days, we literally only have few days of autumn before it's turning into winter this year. Weird. 
Sorry for the long post. 

Can't get over with i-D mode. 

Soup of the Day: Autumn is finally here! 

Knitwear: Vintage | Skirt: Monki | Scarf: All Saints | Box-bag and boots: Old seasoned Topshop

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