Monday, 8 April 2013

Benjamin Button's aging backwards effect causing my new obsession with dolls.

Fooling around with friend's babies' dolls!
Honestly, I was quite anti-dolls when I was young. First, I thought that the baby dolls look quite scary that I had those feeling that they would wake up at night and would go out to kill people (the Chucky movies, if you still remember that), Secondly, I did feel that, to some extent, it's so girly girl and so uncool to play Barbie dolls (though I had 2 Barbie Dolls when I was young, still I would go like "yucks" when people talked about Barbie.) God knows why. 

However, I guess it's the effect of the Curious Case of Benjamin Button? I mean the aging backward thingy, that I somehow started to feel that Barbies are cute, and I even brought one back home, at this age!! Hmm. And I do think the baby dolls are quite lovable too, it's still looking creepy but in a good way. Well. 

I know my Barbie is in bad dress. I will give her a makeover as soon as I settle my coming collection. Still struggling on what kind of sleeves to use, and also stuck in the pattern-cutting. I hate doing the maths, the inches to cut and add. It would be easier to kill myself.