Wednesday, 24 April 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Nicole in the Wonderland x random daily life.

My friend reminded me that I seldom update about my Soup of the Day outfit album lately, and yes, I feel bad about not being persistent but I am just too busy preparing for my coming grad collection and for the flower crowns I've promised to make for 2 of my beloved friends' wedding. 

Anyway, here is the little sum-up for the past few days of what I am up to. So there is the outfit I wore days ago. Casual simple black pullover with the vintage dreamy colour midi, the pattern feels like the free-movement of watercolour. We went for dinner after class and I saw this dreamy set-up by Daydream Nation, I felt like I walked into the wonderland! Love the mood and especially the pastel small houses done by Stickyline

Drawings by my man - [ here ] is his wonderland where he collects inspirations and shares his drawings and paintings. 

Did I mention that I am in love with red lips lately? It goes well with casual outfit, especially black. It could add cool feminine touch easily to the simple basic outfit, or it could emphasize the drama for the dramatically exaggerate outfit. 

And then, I bought the same pair of unicorn tights yesterday from RI by Carrie, exactly the same as the one I got long time ago. I met the designer and she is so kind. Love her new designs as well. Anyway, yea, call me freak. I would double everything I love in my closet if I could, just to avoid that I couldn't get them anymore if mine is broken, stolen, get caught in fire, or bitten by mouse, or it runaway from me the freak, perhaps? Whatever. I just love to stock up, that's my biggest problem too. Well, I have already stock up for those pair of shoes I am wearing. *wink* 

And then, I also just finished one of the crowns I've promised to make, I hope the bride-to-be would feel happy about it. 

Last but not least, since it's about dreamy wonderland for this post, I would love to end it with Anne Siems' artworks, it's so beautifully inspiring! 

Soup of the Day: Nicole in the Wonderland

Black pullover: Boyfriend's closet, literally - Primark | Skirt : Vintage | Shoes: Monki 


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