Saturday, 13 October 2012

[Outfit] Pink is sweet!

Last night, I attended my dear friend's wedding, who was my housemate during my study in UK. I feel so happy for her that she has found her beloved soul mate, who would walk through the rest of her life with her. 

In Chinese tradition, we love wearing colourful dresses, like big red, pink, purple etc. to celebrate. 
So, I wore pink vintage dress to celebrate her happy marriage! Pink is sweet, so does the wedding! 

Love this dress I bought months ago during the summer, which I haven't had the chance to wear it until last night. The long sleeves are perfect for this autumn weather. I do not need to bring another scarf by wearing this. Also, it is formal enough for the wedding occasion yet not trying too hard. Most importantly, it's pink! The colour is just lovely. 

No, that's definitely not my car (I wish I have a car here tho'). We took that car as background to show the colour of my dress! It's still too dark outside anyway, and the yellow street light affected the lovely pink. So There is another indoor picture showing the real colour of my dress.

Anyway, that's all for today. Gotta rest early now and will have French class in the morning (level 2 for French! Yay! )

Soup of the Day: Pink is Sweet! 

Dress: Vintage | Bag: Vintage | Shoes: Monki

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