Tuesday, 23 October 2012

[Outfit] Rainbow Autumn.

I have actually took some outfits picture these days but I am just too lazy to blog about it. I realised that I have been wearing very similar outfits for these 3 days, mainly with the same pastel rainbow knitwear I bought recently and my DIY rainbow horse necklace, as I think they look so perfect together! So I am going to post the outfits of these 3 days in a go here in one post! 

First look: 

2nd look: 

We had a little walk around Tsim Tsa Tsui, I always love the waterfront and the Star Avenue, where we could feel the sea breeze and seeing the famous Hong Kong night view from the Victoria Harbor. I always suggest my friend to walk around there at night when they came to visit me from oversea. I think this is one the place I like, from a tourist perspective of view. I could just walking around there and sitting there and letting my mind free, relaxing and enjoying the view for all night, or all day if the weather is cool. 

There was a man from California I met in Page One the bookstore on that night with the above outfit asked me if I am a Japanese or I am from Hong Kong, he said that he thought this girl must be a Japanese, but ops sorry, I answered him that I actually came from Malaysia and I'm now staying in Hong Kong. So his guess was wrong. I had a nice small chat with him though about the books and the places he traveled to. 

3rd look: 

Sorry for the bad quality of pictures because I was too lazy to carry the camera around, so all of the above images are captured with the phone. Anyway, that's it, the rainbow coloured knitwear and my rainbow coloured necklace. I personally love the knitwear so much! 

Lastly, the lovely Victoria Harbor night view: 

Soup of the Days: Rainbow Autumn

Knitwear: Monki | Skirts: Monki, Cotton On | Tshirt : Random | Backpack : Muji | Accessories: DIY


  1. you're so cute!

  2. I love the knitwear and the necklace! Very cute! Love the scenery in the background too. The lights of the buildings are so pretty! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog by the way :) :)


    1. Thanks!
      You're welcome for the comment on your blog! It's all because you do own a lovely blog :)