Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Tim Walker : Fairy Tale Comes True ..

I have been brainstorming lately for my grad-show / competition collection lately, the theme is 'regeneration'. Well, basically it is anything you could think of, right? There is wide definition for 'regeneration' I personally think. So, I have decided to take 'fairy tale' as a main theme of mine, and elaborate from there on. 

Why 'fairy tale'? I know it might sounds a little bit cliché, but hey, who doesn't have their very own little childhood dream deep inside the heart? I think, after this high-tech decade with all the very well-developed electrical devices, most people might feel mentally tired and might just feel like back to the very basic need, which is - happiness - at least, for me, it is.  So, what makes me happy? I think the childhood dreams do, I think those dreams do make many girls smile too. 

So I google around for inspiration of my collection and searching pictures to make my mood-board which is due in end of this month. I searched many great designers pieces. And of course, fairy tale fashion remind me of Tim Walker's art pieces. 

Here I share some of the inspiration I found randomly online. 

Ahh.. back to sketches. 

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