Sunday, 20 January 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Studded Tights.

I got this studded tights together with a bag and a ring with an alphabet 'N' as Christmas gift from my man. I was super duper surprised when I got the Topshop parcel delivered from UK (Hong Kong hasn't had Topshop yet. Booo....... Anyway, heard that it will be opened soon in coming May! ) 

To be honest, I think I would never bought this kind of studded tights by myself even if I saw it in the shop, I don't know, I might have missed seeing it or just never think I could carry tights with studs. 

Well, now with the pink hair, I feel so 'rock n' roll' and think it's time to match my simple outfit with this studded tights. Ahh.. I love it! (Studded stuffs always look punk and rock for me. )

Inspiration from Charlotte Free, a model I found when flipping through the magazine, I wore this bright dark blue knitwear matching with the pink hair. 

Alright, though hers is purple knitwear. 

Soup of the Day: Studded Tights.
Knitwear: Random boutique | Skirt: Monki | Studded tights: Topshop | Bag: Zara | Necklace: DIY 

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