Monday, 2 July 2012

Bow hairstyle is back or not?

I was surfing around the Dazed and Confused Digital and wondering around the articles. 
Saw this Central Saint Martins BA fashion show 2012, nothing really catch my eyes except one of the hair-do: 

I bet the designer was inspired by Alexander McQueen; but who doesn't right? 
Despite the dresses, I actually love the bow-hair with the make-up, love how the pinkish red laid on the hairline

The bow hair isn't a new issue since Lady Gaga did it for like many times, also not to forget our respectable McQueen show.

Just that the Saint Martin's show refresh the bow-hairstyle by adding colours on the hairline. 
I also randomly think of this Chinese film - "The Enchanting Shadow" where the lead character is having this signature look with a bow-hair as well:

And I think she looks stunning and fashionable as well. Lol

Well, cut the craps. 
There is a website actually teaching how to do this bow-hairstyle, but I never try it before; you could try it though if you're interested in it [please click here]

Off to shopping! Woohoo!

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