Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ursus Wehrli : The Art of Clean Up

I was surfing around Facebook and saw the sharing about this Swiss artist Ursus Wehrli who released his book titled The Art of Clean Up. This is pretty interesting that the artist rearranged the disorder scenes which could occur in normal daily life. 

Ok, this post is not about fashion. But I just really want to share this crazy funny thing and I personally think they do look beautiful. Love the colours. Life should be inspired. 

My mind does appear the term 'OCD' when I first saw these pictures. I think it's pretty obvious that some of the pieces are rearranged by photoshop or other softwares, whilst for some the artist really did arrange them manually. 

I, myself, love the food pictures, both the alphabets and the fruits. 
Anyway, I won't want a tidy sky with stars in such clean order. It gives me the message that messy is beautiful sometimes, although most of the times I love consistency on stuffs. But not all, sometimes I do agree beautiful imperfection in fashion. And also, natural is really the best sometimes. 


I love this crazy idea anyway! AND, I admire the persistence! 

Oh and you could actually click on his website to participate and play with the tidying-up-kind-of-game too! 
Fun :D

Ok, time to bed. 

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