Saturday, 14 July 2012

Flower Crown never out for Summer! [DIY + Tavi's tutorial]

Everyone love Tavi so much, so do I ! 
I am really inspired by her styles, always. 
Talking about Tavi, we would easily think of her remarkable style with different headpieces and her DIY floral crowns. 

Not only Tavi, Lana Del Rey has her flower headband too: 

So I did my own very first flower crown!

Bouquet before the crown-making. 

Oh, hi it's me :) 
Actually the process of making the floral crown is easy, basically it's all about cutting and gluing. 
Since I found this Tavi's tutorial about the crowns, so here I share her video : 

Well, it's fun! And enjoy the DIY. 

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