Tuesday, 10 July 2012

DIY bracelets tutorial and inspirations.

Alright, as mentioned in my previous blog (here), I am lately addicted to making myself bracelets with beads. I am actually inspired by this blogger, Aimee, from Song of Style to put many and different strings and bracelets on wrists, which I found that really looks cool and those would add some colours and style to a simple dress you wear.

Here are some photos of Aimee's bracelets that inspired me:

As we know, neon is really hit in summer. I also found that many people are havung neon/rainbow strings on wrists when I surfing around Instagram. We also could easily found neon/rainbow accessories when we shopping around, such as H&M is selling neon accessories for this summer, and even in COS they have the colourful pastel/neon stuffs!

I even found that Tommy Ton has captured some bracelets with cute beads in his blog, Jak and Jil, and also in Style.com so that means you can go high-fashion even with colourful plastic beads.

Cute stars and hearts shape beads!

I am not sure if I am affected by the blogs, I am so into rainbow/neon colours and so I wanted to make myself one of the friendship rainbow bracelets with gold beads like this:

I confess that I was stupid for not knowing how to make a simple friendship bracelet with square knots and hence I went to Youtube and search for it, and I discovered that it is surprisingly easy to make one:

So I made mine!

Well, I find that it’s pretty to mix and match the plastic cute beads bracelets (as shown below which were DIY by me as well) with the cool gold beads bracelet together. They have some sort of harmonious contradiction which happens to look good I think. 

Will try other DIYs later :) 
Enjoy neon summer!

[sources: here , here and there, Youtube and my bracelets]

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