Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bow-hairstyle tutorial x Saint Martins BA Fashion 2012

Alright, I'm so addicted to the bow-hairstyle that I mentioned in earlier post [refer to here] that they did in Saint Martins BA Fashion 2012

So I Youtube searched the tutorial: 

It's surprisingly easy! I haven't tried it yet but I can't wait to do it. 
It looks so stunning and just like an accessory!

Anyway, since I was talking about the Saint Martins BA Fashion Show 2012, here are some of the pictures:

Serena Gili

Ting Kelly Yan

Lucas Leclere
The white dress reminds me of the recent Louis Vuitton's collection tho.

C.J. Yao

Drew Henry

[Sources: here, herethere and youtube]

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