Friday, 15 March 2013

Random sharing.

These days I have been busying picking inspiration from everywhere (the magazines, the websites and blogs, watching the documentary about the famous designers... etc. etc.) for my grad collection. Well, as mentioned in earlier post, I have decided to do a collection with the fairy tale theme. I always love dreamy princess look crossover a little bit of playful weird creepy dark and geek feeling (I think Meadham Kirchhoff does the best so far for these), and at the same time I also love minimalism and classic look. So, I am a greedy bitch. Whatever, who doesn't? 

This post is just a record for myself as to what I have done these days. 
So, I love the Valentino's Cinderella-ish 'glass slippers' as shown above. 

Then, we celebrated my man's birthday.

Yummy chocolate banana cake. 

I do think the gold party hats look quite fashionable. 
Yea, he had many birthday cakes for this month. 

Then, I did some draft for fashion class. We need to create 2 looks with 8 inspirations (any kind of inspiration, from film to music to famous designers to fashion icon to a book, or an incident, or ... actually really just any kind of inspiration). Then, because I totally forgot about this task until the day of the class, so I picked Audrey Hepburn, Chanel, Balenciaga, Breakfast at Tiffany's, LBD, white shirt, Jil Sander maybe? Actually I don't know.. I just try to imagine Audrey in a rather boyish modern look.

This draft look so rough.. with all the dirty patches. Yicks. 
Anyway, I guess I took them pretty literally. Whatever. Last minute look, what do I expect, right? 

And I am sewing a skirt now, right now (yes, I am typing this post by escaping from sewing the hemming of a skirt, it's not very fun to sew the hemming especially when you've a huge wavy round skirt.)

Back to sewing. 


  1. Fabulous sketches, I can definitely see the Jil Sander inspiration, clean, sleek lines :)

    //Birdie Shoots//

  2. Thankss Kelly :)
    That means lots to me! xx