Sunday, 17 March 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: Le Dimanche Après-midi

The weather was good yesterday, the Sunday afternoon. So, we went for a afternoon tea after the French class and had a little walk around the cafe after the tea as we have some time left before the movie, OZ the Great and Powerful (I would love to say that, the movie is so beautiful and magical! It's the typical Disney movie, with light and hope! Love it of course!). We came to this street with pretty boutiques and where not many people walking around, which is good for a quick shooting for the outfit. 

I wore a simple midi with black top and a pair of white loafers trying to bring out the french-ness mood for the French class, as I always did. With the huge scarf to warm me up, as I had the annoying nose allergy x flu yesterday. Anyway, I guess it's sometimes true that, less is more. Simple could be the best. 

Soup of the Day: Le Dimanche Après-midi 
Top: Monki | Skirt: Random boutique | Loafers: ASOS | Backpack: Muji


  1. Your outfit look super warm and I am still loving you new haircut it's cute :)