Friday, 29 March 2013

[Outfit] Soup of the Day: The Magician's Dream.

As I previously mentioned, I am at the 7-day Journey with, so of course I would be wearing the amazing Ame heels. As predicted, I wore black again to match with the blue heels, however, this time I added a bit more creativity and fun! I decided to wear this gold party hat which was leftover from my man's birthday and, to be more creative and to look more awkward (yes I like to look like a weirdo sometimes, at least weirdo is having more fun than the normal one), I add this white rose on top (again a leftover, from the making of flower crown). 

I feel like I am like a magician, and at the same time The Little Prince (guess it's because of the rose). 

Besides, I intentionally paint my nails into this Barbie pink (it's named Daydream from Topshop, how romantic!), which was brought to me by my deary friend. For your information, Hong Kong doesn't have Topshop, urgh. Heard that it is coming soon tho'. Anyway. Then I put on this sweet pink blusher from NARS to match with the nails. My classmates thought I was drunk when I enter the classroom with the pink blush. How cute they are. 

Casting spell!

Dancing in the rain~

Because I am not really a high-heels person, I normally wear loafers or flatform, normally I mean like 95% of my life. So, I also took some picture of this outfit with my Monki shoes, as I think this quirky look fits well with it! 

My inspiration: 

Soup of the Day: The Magician's Dream

Black dress: Monki | Shoes: Ame and Monki | Hat: DIY

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