Monday, 11 March 2013

New haircut!

Fuhh fuhh! (I am blowing away the dust of my blog). It has been, like weeks, since my last update. 
I have been busying with things I can't see (yes, it is ghostly, I feel mentally and psychically tired, yet I don't see any outcome of the things I was busying with); Well, except my haircut appointment. 

So yea, I changed from a normal long black hair to dip-dye pink hair and now to really short hair. I love the fact that my head now looking like a mushroom without any styling (as shown above); and I personally love it with red lips. 

And below pictures were taken on the day I went for the haircut, so obviously my hair was styled.

I was drawn by him with the Tim Burton's vibe .
So far, I have received quite a lot of positive comment on my change of hairstyle. So I am happy with it! 

Oh, another thing is, I forgot to take the outfit pictures with the new hairstyle. I guess I am really tired until I kind of forgetting what I always love to do. Anyway, will pick that up again. And there're few more outfit posts to be posted, those I have captured for weeks ago ( please teach me how to kill the lazy bugs living in my bloodstream? ...) 

Haircut @ La Mod 


  1. Love the blonde lights!! Very edgy

    1. Thankss! xx
      Credits to the hairstylist then :)