Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Soup of the Day: Art and Literature.

We are so happy that the Eslite bookstore is opened in Hong Kong months ago, which is originally based in Taiwan. The bookstore normally close at 2 a.m. for most days, which is a really good news for us who would love to find somewhere to stay and wandering around at late night. 

That day, we went there and dined in at the Eslite Tea Room to celebrate the belated birthday of my man, then we started to stroll in the bookstore. We came to this small space where they show different artists artwork for different period. That day, this flowery work is exhibited, and we think it looks so good and fit for an outfit quick shot. I think the Chinese x Japanese-ish of the art-piece fitting well with my outfit, especially my new footwear. 

So, with all the literature and art, also the meal and dessert, we both are so satisfied and inspired! 

Soup of the Day: Art and Literature. 
Black top and white skirt: H&M | Heels: Monki | Scarf: All Saints

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