Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Soup of the Day: All That Glitters...

I attended the Amé opening event the night before with 2 of my friends, and I am so thankful that we received sponsor from Amé, which we could bring home one pair of the shoes from the shop to join the 7-day Journey with, any pair! Basically we need to style up the pair of shoes we chose and take our snapshots within the 7 days. It sounds extremely fun to me! By the way, it was a really hard choice to make, especially there are tons of beautiful footwear on the shelves! 

Anyway, I chose this pair of studded heels, which I think is slightly different from my usual style. I am  just thinking to challenge myself (a little bit tho') to wear something I am not usually comfortable at. I love rock n' roll, but I am not a fan of studs. I only have one pair of studded tights from Topshop before this bootie heels. I find the black studs matching well with this shade of blue, it looks a bit of rock n' roll and cool, yet not too tough. Just nice! So why not giving the studs a try? 

I realised that it is quite difficult to match the colour of the heels. I could only think of black, which could goes well with anything. However, I want to spice it up a little bit, so I added this glittering silver knit outerwear I bought long time ago. 

So, thanks Amé again for the oppturnity! 
Please click here to visit Amé, if you are interested. 

Soup of the Day: All That Glitters...
Silver outerwear: H&M | Black skirt: Monki | Studded heels: Amé | Bag: Topshop