Thursday, 13 September 2012

[Outfit] Girlish Hippie

I learnt to draw my first ever skirt pattern in fashion class just now. I am so happy about it! Finally I am drawing the pattern for clothing and soon I will be sewing my first ever skirt!! Can't wait! 

As usual, I enjoy dressing up for classes, like I did for the French class. Even I felt lazy on that day and just wanted to dress casually, I will still try to add a little statement to my outfit. So, I tied a scarf onto my head as to adding some fun to the common black/gray/white outfit. I do feel a little bit hippy with the scarf on my head yet girlish, I think. 

Well, I love backpack especially when I need to carry lots of stuffs! It lessen the burden on my one shoulder as compared to the shoulder bag (I suffer shoulder pain very often. God knows why. I always think that my body is older than my age). Anyway, I have been carrying this white backpack a lot and actually this is my only backpack; I bought it like almost a year ago? I love it so much because it's so plain! Minimalist!

I bought the scarf with an insanely low price. I got it from a Japanese shop that sells almost everything for $12 hkd. Although they don't always have good stuffs but I really love to shop there and I tend to buy my glasses and some other random houseware there. Seriously, with such a good price, why do I need to go to another shop to get similar stuffs which double the price? 

Oh, and there is Eeyore which I got it from Disneyland, he is hanging on my backpack if you are aware of him. I don't usually buy soft toys key-chain but he is just looking too cute and innocent! *grin*

Lastly, I just want to share that I am so happy that I am going to Designer Fashion Night AW13 launch party next Friday! Really looking forward to meeting the designers and bloggers. Will try to post some photos about that next week. 

Soup of the day: Girlish Hippie. 

Tops: Topshop (gray)| Random (black)
Skirt: Primark
Backpack: Muji
Scarf: Random


  1. Drafting is so fun! Best of luck on your skirt.

    1. Thankss Stephanie! xx
      It's indeed fun! Enjoy it so much.

  2. so cute!

    xoxo from nyc &