Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Cool Barbie: Louise Gray Womenswear SS13

What would you do if Barbie gave you a chance to style her and design her some clothing? 

Louise Gray, the London designer, has got this dream of every girls to design clothing for Barbie! 
She created 3 looks that inspired by Barbie in her SS13 show, which the show is sponsored by Mattel company, where Barbie is born! Accordingly, there will be a Barbie collection wearing Louise Gray's work! How cool! 

Here goes the Louise Gray SS13 collection: 

Definitely love the crown eyebrows! 

Louise Gray used the Barbie classic logo in black and white as pattern printed all over the fabrics of her designed clothing, which is cool I think. I love these punk 'Barbie dolls'. 
I didn't like Barbie too much when I was young, but I began to love Barbie when I started to love fashion, as I'm so much inspired by Barbie's attitude in fashion, that she is not afraid to dress up and to try anything new! As said by Louise Gray too in the interview with DazedDigital. 

So, let's dressing up and have fun like Barbie! 

[Pictures: here and there.]

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