Monday, 3 September 2012

[Outfit] Keeping Romance Alive

I am so inspired by many bloggers that they have the whole look for their outfit posts, from head to toes, they won't neglect any small parts of them. They do their hair and they paint their nails to match their look. To be honest, I am a lazy person. I didn't normally do my hair and nails until I read the blogs and found that most of the bloggers do care about the whole look. 

Hence, I started to paint my nails. I started to take care of my hair as well instead of just matching the clothes  and bags. As I have this boring straight black hair, I try to 'decorate' my hair a little bit everytime I am dressing up; I am into headbands lately, be it flowery or not, or I would just simply clip my hair to the back and be a casual look. 

Every time I wear a headband, I feel that I am living in 50s. I likey! 

Yes, I am still wearing the headband from Tracy, as mentioned in my previous post. The colour of the headband is just lovely and it goes well with vintage look. By the way, for the latest information I got from her, the headband only costs around £1 or £2! Anyway, the main reason I wear it so often is because it is so easy to put on, I do not need to tie a scarf myself on my head, I just slipped it on and I am ready to go! 

The lace top is an old garment I found in my closet which I bought years ago in the UK (as I said, I try not to throw away my clothes, especially those with high potential! I would always find a way to mix and match the old pieces with my new stuffs). Anyway, it's actually a long top which I used to wear it as a dress with tights long time ago. However, I find that it looks good too to tuck in! (See, this is the kind of clothing that I would categorise it into the 'high potential' section). 

Lately, besides the hair, I also can't really leave the house without the accessories. I wear bracelets, as I always do, and I also figure out another way to wear the flowery. The bunch of flowers on the handle of my bag is actually the headband I made days ago (as shown here), I tied it onto the handle of the bag, and I think it looks as good as it is on the head! It makes me feel so summer-ish (I really hate the hot weather tho'). 

I just feel that the old lace top looks harmonious with the flowery. They both together bring the romance to the 50s-ish headband. 

My friends gave me a crochet art DIY box set as my birthday present! Love it so much and can't wait to get started. 

Soup of the day: Keeping Romance Alive.
Lace top: Topshop
Skirt: Monki
Bag: Topshop
Headband: ASOS
Other accessories: DIYs by me

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