Monday, 17 September 2012

[Outfit] Birthday Princess

Finally I am done editing my photos for my birthday celebration in Disneyland a week ago. 
(Yes, so now I am officially a year older than last year!) 
This post will be a little bit long, not only showing my outfit but also showing the beauty of Disneyland. 

I had prepared a Disney princess flower crown for the birthday celebration about half a month ago (I'm seriously obsessed about dressing up). I was addicted to collect this series of Disney princess which I got them from the 'capsule toy' machine, where you have to put the coins and try your luck to get the toy you like (it is something like a lucky draw, and the toys are inside the egg-shaped capsules). Anyway, I have tried really hard and spent quite lots of money to finally get the Cinderella I want! Of course, I have doubled most of the other princess, and these are the inspiration for my birthday crown!

My birthday badge! 

Close up of my crown.
I bought this vintage dress for months ago but I decided to keep it until my birthday, as I think it feels quite Disney-ish, like the maid in Disney cartoons? (Oh, and I have already decided to go to Disneyland months before my birthday and I have also got the permission from my man after some begging. Birthday girl always get what she wants right? *wink)

I chose the small pinky children bag to be matchy with the colour of my crown (that's a bag for children if I'm not mistaken, but I love the colour and the price is insanely cheap, again). Anyway, I added the beads and lace on the stripe so that the bag won't be looking too boring. 

I really love Disneyland, I think most of the girls do! I can let myself dream freely in Disney, I could totally let go and act like a child in Disneyland! I could jumping here and there in Disneyland like a stupid kid and also letting the innocent side of me wondering around! 

And I definitely love everything, all the decos and lighting, just everything in there! They looks very vintage! 
Also, I realised that I am really into the light bulbs. There are so many light bulbs and I am in love with them! The light bulbs make me feel like I'm back to the 50s 60s Hollywood scenes. 

Before I end this post, let me share my collection of the Disney princess.


I guess I better stop here before I'm going too far. 

Soup of the day: Birthday Princess. 

Dress: Vintage
Bag: Random
Princess Crown: DIY by me. 


  1. beautiful photographs!
    love your crown! :D
    i'm following you back! thanks for following, sweetie x

  2. OMG you're the cutest!
    Love it!
    New follower <3