Saturday, 8 September 2012

[Outfit] I Dream of Provence

There are too much of negative political news lately in this country, which I won't go into details here, as this is a fashion blog, which I think should focus on the beautiful and inspirational stuffs and not the ugly political news. 

However, I must mention about it because I wore the all black outfit in this post for supporting the people who are protesting about some rights. I am a person who are not really into politics and stuffs like that, but I would still respect and support the people who do right and good things. So, I wore black for the black Friday event (although I didn't attend the event). 

However, I still think life should be happy! Even it is all black in life! I believe the bads are just temporarily. So, come on and have fun!

Because I have to wear black, and I want to go for all black, so I think I could add a little fun on my head. So there is the little golden crown! 
Actually the credits should be given to the man who accidentally shaped it into something that looks really like a crown (he didn't even realise about that! He just thinks that the golden material looks matchy with the golden headband the time he made it), and that inspired me to make a proper crown with that childhood material. 

I wore my all time favourite Monki dress, I bought it about a year ago and I wore it like more than millions time? I love how simple it is, I love how cute it is yet it could be so geek in a cool sense *wink* I love to be a geek really, as shown in the title of my blog. 
The flowery is still tied on my bag (as shown here) as deco. 

Anyway, I think someone would feel familiar with that lavenders background (if anyone is reading tho'); Yes! It is captured in front of the shop of L'occitane. I have blacks and they have purples.
So we think, why not we have a little fun trip to the Provence? 

So that's what I can do with black!

Soup of the Day: I Dream of Provence

Dress: Monki
Bag: Topshop
Crown: DIY by me.

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