Thursday, 6 September 2012

[Outfit] Summer Breeze

I am so into flowery lately and I just couldn't resist this flowery print top when I first saw it in the online shop started up by two of my admired fashionistas in Hong Kong. It's actually from their wardrobe, meaning it's their vintage clothings! 

Anyway, I wore this to my French class on Sunday, although I don't feel French-ish, but who cares, I feel happy by wearing the flowery on me! I feel like dancing ~ and I feel unique (forgive my crappy-craps). 

Ahh.. I went to have dinner right after my class that day in a restaurant called Italian Tomato, and I must say, the hot chocolate tastes great there! I am so satisfied with it and the Tiramisu as dessert (I ate alot even though the flowery top was just fit and my tummy was out there already that day). 

Sorry for the eccentric pose with the hair brush. I am just trying to pretend myself in a high-fashion magazine with those weirdie poses, but I guess I failed? Whatever. 

I really really really love the flowery print on the top! Have I said it already? Alright, however, the downside of the top is that it is in an extremely small size, like xxxxs? (I don't know, actually it's free size I guess). The fabric of the top is the elastic-kind-of-material, so it would fit anyway even I am double size of me. The problem is that it wraps me up like a sausage (the shape of my meat is everywhere, yea, it sounds gross), my tummy is literally out there but only with the flowery prints on it. How great. I really need a serious diet. 

Well, forget about the disadvantages, it is still a lovely top! I still love it. 
So, let's celebrate summer before autumn comes!

Soup of the day: Summer Breeze
Top: La-D-Da's vintage
Skirt: Monki
Accessories: DIYs by me

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