Friday, 31 August 2012

[Outfit] L'étudiante

As mentioned earlier, I go to French class every Sunday at Alliance Française de Hong Kong. I love French and I love their culture as well. I love the dressing up and the style and the attitude of French people. I think most of those who love fashion would have that Paris dream. To be honest, I have never been to Paris; I went to places in Europe like Italy, Spain, Geneva, etc when I was studying in UK; but I haven't been to France once. I don't know why I have no such huge fantasy going there even I was already started taking up French course that time. Of course, now I regret that I have never been to France, I regret that I refused joining my parents to France when they visited me in the UK. 

So, for every week, I try to dress up to class! It is not only learning the language but also learning their culture right? I always imagine that a French lady would dress up even she is only going to a grocery. To respect the culture, also to satisfy my own Parisian fantasy, I try to dress like a French student to class. (Forgive my craps, and I think I don't dress like a Parisian but I am just trying to convey my own French mood. Most importantly, is to enjoy the dressing up! )

Last week, as usual, I tried to dress up to French class even though I was feeling ill. 
(I realised that my face looked really sick in the photos. Hhmph... )

Please forgive the stupid expression, I was literally snapped shot. I was really sick that day.  

I decided to go for a casual vintage look. 
Actually the headband is a gift from my man's sister, she told me that she was trying to finish her money left in her bank account in UK because it will be expired soon, so she went spending all the money - which is £17 -- in ASOS online. Well, I am quite amazed by how wisely she could spend the £17 when I saw the parcel came. The parcel includes one hat, two headbands and a pair of ear-rings. For me, there is a lot of stuffs with only £17! 

Well, the skirt is also a gift from her. I think this blog is basically a thank-you note for her.  
She bought the skirt randomly with an inexpensive price. She told me that she couldn't resist buying it even though she knows that it might not fit her well because she found the fabric is quite good in quality and which could worth more than the price tag, which I agree! 
She tried it on when she got home but she thinks it looks too short on her and so she gave it to me, as she thinks it suits my vintage look (and I am much shorter than her so the length of the skirt suits me well), and yay! I thanked-her for the new skirt in my closet :)

The bag was the vintage bag I mentioned in one of my old post [here], finally I have a close-up-capture of it. It was bought in a very good price, inexpensive price; and I love that the length of the bag could be altered, I could carry it in several ways, that's the point I bought it! 

Done with the styling part, now back to the French class. As I said I started to take French in University but I didn't take it seriously, what a shame. I skipped classes (blame the winter! Although I love snow, but I just couldn't leave my warm bed in the early morning. Booo.. ), I don't dare to get my French exam result because I felt that I am writing nonsense and speaking nonsense during the oral session. So, now I am starting all over again from level 1. Great. However, the difference is, now I pay full attention during class as I know that I must grab the opportunity tight when it comes the second time! I gave up once, I can't repeat that stupid huge mistake again. 

Alright, off to class. Sorry for the long winded post. 

Soup of the day: L'étudiante. 
T-shirt: Monki
Skirt: Random boutique, gift from Tracy
Bag: Vintage
Headband: ASOS, gift from Tracy. 
Shoes: Monki
Accesories: DIYs. 

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