Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brainstorming in my scrapbook.

My rough work in my scrapbook.

Brainstorming. Another idea of mine to be a fashion photo. 

I am doing some rough works with the old issues of magazines and actually brainstorming for some current projects. Also trying to collect my inspirations into my scrapbooks. 

It is fun to mix and match different items which were combined by the stylist and art director of a magazine for a page or an issue, and re-create another style instead. This would also be a good way to editing stuffs you love and not, and a great chance to throw away the dislike. 
I am learning to let go things I didn't fall into at first sight tho'; I always think that there must be some kinds of use in the future for every little thing, which caused me end up with tons of rubbish in my room. Great. 

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