Tuesday, 28 August 2012

[Outfit] The Secret Garden

I didn't blog often the last week because I was busying with some nonsense lately. One of the nonsense was that I participated in a Japanese Comic event (I don't know what is the exact name of the event), where people rented a booth (or table?) to sell their own created comics and some 'side-products' (actually they don't invent their own comics, instead they normally choose some existed characters/comics they love and used them to create their own story. Uhm, basically, they copy and add things further to make them their own.) 

Anyway, I made myself a rather exaggerate headband (not really exaggerate but it is a bit more than the normal one) to be more coordinate to the event and the people there; I think I look really normal there as there were many people had cosplay (they dressed exactly like their favourite comic charaters, and I somehow feel that they could be good in fashion as they put so much effort in their clothings and I think some of them made their own accessories, or their 'weapon'? As you know, the Japanese comic characters have their own weapons.) 

So here was my look of that day: 

I feel hope with the horse and star on the flowery. 

I actually successfully picked the horse soft toy from a claw machine long time ago, it was a key chain and I removed the chain and have it stick on the flowers, I just feel like creating the sort of dreamy feeling, where the unicorn standing on the flowers garden (although it's not an unicorn, I just can't get over with the unicorn); I think that the horse is cute and it looks so innocent to be matchy to my theme. 
Also, I made the star myself! I mean I literally made the star and painted it into silver-gold by myself. 

I also made a more simple and more ready-to-wear kind of flower headband to change after the event, as it's kinda weird actually to wear the horse on the head and walking on the street.

My inspiration is from the following photos: 

Anyway, that was all. It was my first time to participate in such event, honestly I don't read comics myself and the only Japanese animation I really love is Sailormoon. It is still a great experience tho' ! I had fun! 
Sometimes I think nonsense makes me feel alive! *wink*

Tops: H&M
Skirt: Heaven Please
Tatto tights: Ri by Carrie
Accessories and headbands: DIYs by me.

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