Sunday, 5 August 2012

Marni 2012 Winter Edition Sunglasses are cute!!

What a busy day today! I went for French class in the day and went for singing competition at night (yes, you got it right, I participated in a singing competition!) So, meaning I had 'dressed up' for this whole day of events. Of course there're some snapshots of my outfit today but I am not going to post them today as I am so tired now after going out for a whole day and I have been sick for 2 days!

Anyway, I came across some sites and saw this Marni 2012 Winter Edition Eyewear Collections which are so cute and so vintage!!! (AHHHH!!! Okay, yea I am tired but nothing could stop me surfing the fashion nets!) I so want them all!!!!! I WANT THEM!!! (I wish to have them ...)

Cute right?!! Especially the pink and the white and the nude and the neon one!! 
Alright, I love them all, I think different colours could go with different look! But still I love the pink most! I am crazy in pink lately if you guys aware. 
(I bet the glasses are pricey? Argh. )

Anyway, off to sleep now. 
I promise will post my outfits blog tomorrow! 
Good night!

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