Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Tom Ford Kidskin Natalia the freaking cute bag.

Tom Ford Kidskin Natalia

The moment I saw my friend posting this picture in her blog, I went breathless (for your information, my friend has the same feeling as well and she expressed "oxygen please" in Chinese words. So we could see how strong the effect this bag gives.)

Seriously, I want to shout out loudly : O.M.F.G! I WANT IT!!

Love how the buckle goes out of proportion of the bag. It is just so cute and just so cool!!
Oh, and when I google this Tom Ford bag online, I saw the news reporting Jennifer Aniston and Kate Bosworth were carrying it (although I am not big fans of both of them, but this is just for the sake of showing how trendy this bag is.)

But yea, Tom Ford is always Tom Ford, this bag costs almost 1/2 or 1/3 of Birkin, ah, if I didn't do the maths wrongly. 
Freaking price tag. 


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