Tuesday, 14 August 2012

[Outfit] Night Is Mine!

There are of course times that I am feeling tired and feeling lazy and I just feel like being comfortable and want to dress down, such as the times when I just want to go down to get some groceries, or times when I am just going downstairs for dinner with the man, or the times when I just want to walk in the park and get some fresh air. In those times, I don't really feel like having full make up with 'clown' dresses. 

I would say I am a person who is always trapped in the reminiscent mood; I love vintage and I try my best not to throw things (which causing my room looks like in the state of war in 90% of the time in my life); I would always try to dig out the old clothing I bought years ago to mix and match with the new stuffs. So this time, I have my inexpensive skirt from Primark. 

Dressing-down doesn't mean you should look ugly. I do think you still could present your own personality even with dressing down, and you could still have fun even without the clown dresses! 
After all, life is too short for not having fun right? 

With a little bit of i-D element, if you got what I mean. The wink? 

And do have fun with the nature.  How could we not fall for the flowers? 

Shall thou staying where thou should have and I shall remember us forever.

I think it might be too little for a fashion/style post, the dressing down and all, but don't we sometimes just want to take things easy and and just have fun no matter what? 

So the night is mine! You should have yours too! Live the life we have imagined and not live the life that is told by others! 

(Oh, pictures were captured yesterday.)

T-shirt: Zara Boy kids-wear
Skirt: Years ago from UK Primark
Bag: Mimi, years ago from London Fashion Week
Hair accessories: Hairspray + flower from nature
Bracelets: DIY by me

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