Sunday, 19 August 2012

[Outfit] Grand Wishful Unicorn

Weekend-photoshooting seems to be my usual routine lately, especially when I have bought something new or have made some new accessories, I just can't wait to show and share them! 

So we went for a quick shoot yesterday with my newly bought stuffs (I think almost 90% of the things I wore yesterday for the shoot are new! *evil smile*) Yea, I went for shopping on Friday before my class (so I was like carrying whole big and heavy paper bag to the class)

Anyway, I finally bought a pair of Ri by Carrie tattoo tights which I wanted to get it for months!! There is a unicorn printed on it (UNICORN!!! Another thing I am quite obsessed about, besides the stars. It's so mysterious yet dreamy and beautiful, and it feels like it could bring hopes like the stars do.) I feel like I'm living in fairy tale with the unicorn tights *day dreaming*

Hence, I decided to go with the grand wishful unicorn look yesterday. 

The unobvious pink colour on my hair are shown only under certain lighting. 

Always love playground.

Love the detail of the bag!
Of course I do remember that I mentioned about the inspiration of the ombre hair colour for the shoot. So, I tried to colour my hair with the pastel chalk, as taught in some blogs online, where they taught us to wet the hair a little bit and apply the pastel on the hair directly, and fix the colour with hairspray (I sprayed a lot as the pastel could not easily stay on the hair!) uhm.. the effect is not really obvious though as seen in the picture, but it still could be seen with strong attention (well, it's not ombre though, just some highlighted pink hair? uhh.. )

Oh, as I said 90% of the things I wore are new, yes! So I bought the black sheer dress together with the tattoo tights. I made the new necklace with pearls and horse just to match with the unicorn and 'luxurious' mood. The flowery 'bag' was categorized at the make-up/accessories session in the shop, so I think it supposed to be a make-up bag, but who cares! I love the flowers and the colours! It's inexpensive as well. So I bought it and make it a 'clutch'. See, it just makes people feel happy by looking at it, and I absolutely love the detail of it where there is wordings "I know Love" on the zip. How true it is. 

I am still in the i-D's wink mood. 

Dress: From Heaven Please
Tatto tights: Ri by Carrie (which could also be bought online here or here)
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Monki
Accessories: DIYs by me.

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