Monday, 6 August 2012

[Outfit] Moon Power! Make Up!

As mentioned in my previous post, I had dressed up for the French class and the singing competition yesterday and I have promised to upload the snapshots of my yesterday outfit. So here it is~ 

Part of the reason I decided to buy the top is for the competition; Honestly, I didn't really give it a damn, I didn't practise much, as I don't really care about the result and the prizes, I am just going there for fun! Owh, I didn't take the singing competition seriously doesn't mean I won't take care of my look for the competition (Hell no way! I am facing like so many people during the competition, there is no way I would dress down and not showing my attitude) So I chose this simple top yet there is a fashion statement made in the collar. Together with this Japanese animation, Sailormoon, necklace I have collected since I was in primary school, I believe this top has made a kinda strong statement. (I think you will get me about the Sailormoon if you are about same age as me and have the same childhood memories as me. I always think Sailormoon should always go with the sparkling element.)

I seriously think that Sailormoon looks good with the blings! MOON POWER!

Uhmm.. I actually first saw this Monki's top few weeks ago and the bling-bling stones on the collar has caught my eyes but I didn't buy it as at that moment I was thinking I could do myself a stones collar by sewing my favourite coloured stones on it; well, I could only say that I am lazy bug and I bought this top the second time I saw it in the shop (I gave up the idea of doing it myself. Next time, maybe.) 

I purposely match the bling bling Sailormoon childish look with the bag (or clutch? I am not sure, it's actually a camera-bag-ish kind of texture, so it's not a formal kind of bag) ; Also, the bag is to tone down the 'cool-ness' of the black bottoms. I think the bag is kinda cute and it's inexpensive! It has two side of different pictures if you are aware of it, both with elegant lady-ish cats on it which I think is so fashionable. 

Forgive that my red nails are not perfectly painted; I have purposely done this manicure 2 days ago for the competition (as I have already decided I would wear the black skirt with black tights so I think red would pop out from the dark, and I also decided to give the rock 'n roll impression to the judges, yea I always have my own role play. la di da), however, it's worn off on the day I get the manicure done (I think the shop didn't do it quite nicely, but it's inexpensive so what to expect right) So I think the wear off effect actually gives the rock 'n roll spirit some bonus points? 

Anyway, the competition result will be out tomorrow. I didn't put too much hope on it though as I was sick the day before the competition. But I guess I presented myself quite nicely with my own attitude. 

So, life is short and we should just have more fun and be happy! 

Tops/Skirt/Shoes: Monki
Bag: Random boutique - Little Room
Necklace: vintage

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